From: Dernguyen <> Subject: Re: [PW!] The Power Plant Mystery Date: Sunday, April 25, 1999 3:33 PM "Hmmmm, interesting......." Dern thought to himself as he watched the Grimers bow down to Muk. Dern thought that maybe if he kept the Muk out for awhile, the Grimers won't get so hostile. So he let Muk follow around with him. "Ewwww, the smell is gettin stronger." Dern said quietly, trying not to upset the Muk. Dern finally found the janitor's room in which it contained a gas mask in case of emergencies. He put on the mask and then headed off to a closed off area which gained his attention............ -------------Meanwhile Derrick was.......---------- Being surrounded by Magnemites and Magnetons. "Ohhh dear....this doesn't look good." Derrick told himself as he started to sweat. Suddenly a lightbulb popped and the Magnemites and Magnetons started to rush over to the lightbulb. Derrick knew that this was his break and he started to run like hell. Out fell his pokeball with Venonat in it, so he rushed back to pick it up, and to his surprize, he saw.............. TBC........ --------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- <-(`-(`v^v-[["Haun Haun!"]]-v^v')-')-> <a href=""> Haunter's HoMePage </a>