Subject: [PW!] The Rocky Road to the Boulder Badge Date: 2 Apr 1999 20:07:24 GMT From: (MagiKid813) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: Mike progressed on, and came to an unnamed trail simply know as "Route 2". He went through, spotting a Pidgey or two, until he finally thought to catch one. He threw a Poké Ball at one. "Wait a minute," Mike said. "Why didn't I send out a Pokémon?" The Poké Ball missed the Pidgey it was aimed for and hit a Rattata. The Poké Ball shook once, then the Rattata escaped. "Oh, shoot. I was hoping to capture another before I challenge Brock." On arriving at Pewter City, Mike immediately ran toward the gym. "Brock, I challenge you!" he shouted. "Get in line," Brock replied. Half an hour later, it was Mike's turn. "Two Pokémon each," Brock said. "Right. Wartortle, I choose you!" "Go, Geodude!" Wartortle and Geodude came out of their Poké Balls. "Wartortle, Water Gun!" Wartortle unleashed a blast of water. Geodude was hit full force and went down. "Wha? Geodude, return!" "Water weakens rock. That's my strategy." "Onix, go!" Onix appeared, and struck Wartortle in a Tackle attack. Then, before Wartortle could use Water Gun again, caught it in a Bind. Wartortle sprayed a small amount of water before Mike returned it to its Poké Ball. "Ekans, go!" Ekans entered the battle. Mike was hopeful that with the small amount of water, Ekans could still take it down. The thing is, Onix was extremely weak against water, so even a little did a lot of damage. Ekans did a Take Down attack, and Onix was very weak. "Onix, return!" Then Brock walked up to Mike. "Here's my Boulder Badge," he said. "Thanks," Mike replied. Then he left the gym and prepared to continue his journey. TBC... -------------------This Post Is Brought To You By----------------------------- MagiKid I specialize is RPGs A Pokémon Trainer How good is FF3? I wanna get it. "Another online weirdo. Arm the Wigglytuffs."