From: Kirb9701 <> Subject: [PW!] The Stolen Pokémon Part 4: Recovery Date: Monday, April 19, 1999 4:22 PM [ Last time, a Rocket had found Dan inside Rocket HQ. And now, the finale to "The Stolen Pokémon!" ] "Ok, Marowak," the Rocket said. "Use the Bonemer--oof!" "Eeveee!" Eevee had tackled the Rocket. "All right Eevee!" Dan said. "Now go Exeggutor! Hypnosis now!" Exeggutor popped out of his Pokéball. He stared at the Rocket and Marowak, his eyes glowing. The Rocket and his Marowak fell over, asleep. A Pokéball rolled out from under the Rocket and opened. It was..."Eevee!" the Eevee inside said. "All right!" Dan said. "Now both Eevees are back!" He ran down the hall with his Eevees. - It was a long run through the halls until Dan found the elevator. Inside was a Rocket. "Hey, who are you?" he said. "You don't seem like one of us. Vaporeon, go!" "Por?" the Vaporeon said when it saw Dan. It took a few seconds for Dan to realize..."That's my Vaporeon!" "Vaporeon, Ice Beam!" the Rocket said. Vaporeon was hesistant. "Well, come on, use Ice Beam!" Vaporeon slowly turned around and started to glow. "Hey, no, not me!" "Poreon!" Vaporeon froze the Rocket. "That's what you get for trying to turn my Pokémon against me," Dan said as he dragged the frozen Rocket out of the elevator. "Por!" Vaporeon said. Dan stepped into the elevator with Vaporeon and pushed the button for the next floor. The elevator started heading down. - After some searching, Dan finally found Giovanni's office. He walked in. "Huh?" Dan said. "Nobody's here!" He saw a bag of Pokéballs on the desk. The bag had a note on it: "Here's the Pokémon I stole from some kid in Cerulean City." "Those must be mine!" Dan said, and picked up the bag. A person appeared in the doorway. "Where do you think you're going with those?" Dan quickly turned around. "Where's Giovanni?" Dan asked. "He's not here," the Rocket said. "He's off to Pokémon Island. You're lucky, now you only have to fight me." "Oh yeah?" Dan said, searching for the emergency Pokéball, the one with the lightning bolt on it. "Ah! Go!" Out popped a Voltorb. "Flash now!" Dan shielded his eyes as the Voltorb let out a blinding flash. "Arrgh!" the Rocket said. Dan ran out of the room with the Pokémon and Voltorb. - Dan came to the exit door. "Argh! It's locked!" He heard footsteps coming down the hall. "Uhh...Flareon go! Burn through the lock!" The footsteps came closer. "I need a distraction..." Dan set down Voltorb. Flareon was almost done. The Rockets appeared. "There he is!" one shouted. "Now!" Dan said. "Voltorb, selfdestruct!" Voltorb exploded. The Rockets got lost in the smoke. Dan rammed the door and it swung open. "Let's go!" Outside, Dan sent out Porygon. "Plane now!" Dan said, and Porygon turned into a plane. He and Flareon jumped in. Dan was about to close the top and take off when he heard a voice..."Clefairyyy!" "A Clefairy?" Dan asked. The Clefairy jumped in the plane. "Did you follow me all the way from Mt. Moon?" "Fairy, fairy (Yes, I did)," Clefairy replied. "Well then, let's go!" The Pory-plane took off. - When the Game Corner was out of sight, Dan turned around and went back to Celadon Pokémon Center. As he stepped into the Pokécenter, Joy said, "Oh, you're finally back. Here's your backpack." A short time later, Dan was outside in his normal clothes, most of his Pokémon in his backpack. The Pory-plane was waiting. "I'd better go back to Pallet. Team Rocket will be looking for me here." Dan climbed into the plane, where Flareon and Clefairy were waiting. "Let's go!" Dan said, and flew off to Pallet Town. "To protect the world from devastation!" -Misty "To ignite all peoples within our nation!"... -Duplica "If you're going to imitate us at least do it right!" "To UNITE all peoples within our nation, not IGNITE!.." -TR -"Ditto's Mysterious Mansion"