From: Nendil <> Subject: [PW!] The Thing With Grandparents... Date: Saturday, April 17, 1999 12:27 AM Roberto Perez-Vila <> wrote in message > "Well, first, we should go to the Pokemon Center... then..." Robert > pulls out the map he bought in Vermilion City and studies it for a > moment, "Maybe we should head out for the Seafoam Islands? We haven't > been there... Then again, I could sure go for some food right about > now... Hey! Didn't you mention that you had relatives around here? Maybe > we could go eat at their place! I could sure use some good ol' fashioned > home cookin'!" "Well.... okay, I guess..." Mithril-rama murmured a bit reluctantly, but Robert didn't seem to notice. "Um... I think I remember the way." "Great!" Robert grinned. "But first, let's stop at the Pokémon Center so I can heal my pokémon. They're all in bad shape from the battle!" ----- Mithril-rama stared at her Poképedia vacantly while Robert waited for his pokéballs to be brought back. Her fingers trailed over the buttons, activating the device, then turning it off again. Robert came to sit down next to her. "What are you doing?" "I'm just trying to decide..." Rilli snapped the small machine shut and brushed back some of her hair. "If I go visit my grandma, she'll ask about Omanyte, I bet, and she'll want to see it. But I've almost never used it at all, and she's gonna know that when she sees that it hasn't evolved." She smiled in embarrassment and opened the cover of the Poképedia again. "So I don't know whether to take it with me for show, or hide it and let Granma assume it's doing well." Robert shrugged. "Hm, I'm not sure I can help you with that, Rilli, I don't know what your grandmother's like..." "It's okay," the girl smiled. "I think I'll just leave it, and hope that she won't think of it. This is only a quick housecall, after all." ----- "It was... this house, I think!" Mithril-rama pointed triumphantly. Robert peered at the small residence. "Are you sure? I mean, I wouldn't want us to walk into the wrong house or anything..." "No, I'd never forget those five rocks next to the porch. I once fell down and scraped both knees there," Rilli mused to herself and started walking up the steps, Robert following close behind. A small Meowth, who has been lying in the sun, got up to investigate the newcomers. Rilli patted it on the head, and it yowled loudly, though not unpleasantly. A moment later, the door opened. "Mimi? Is that you?" an old (though not _that_ old) woman asked as she looked out from behind the door. The Meowth promptly climbed onto her shoulder and seemed content there. Mithril-rama sighed inaudibly. "Yeah, Nanna, I thought I'd drop by for a visit." "Oh, Mimi!" the old lady exclaimed as she wrapped Rilli in a hug. "Come in, come in! Have you eaten yet? I'll heat you up some of the leftover pot roast, how's that sound?" "Nothing beats your world-famous pot roast, Nanna." Rilli smiled as she kicked off her shoes at the door. "I hope we're not intruding." "Never! Never!" Grandma's voice rang out from the kitchen. "I would never turn down my favorite granddaughter!" "I'm your only granddaughter, Nanna." Robert looked at Rilli with a slight smirk. "Mimi?" he asked under his breath. The girl simply sweatdropped. "Childhood nickname. And don't you dare call me that, Robert." "Of course not, Mimi!" Robert laughed and quickly ducked from Mithril-rama's wild swing. "Kidding, kidding!" "I hope this is enough," Grandma chuckled as she brought out several heaping plates. "I was worried that there wasn't much in the fridge for you and your friend!" Rilli realized her cue. "Oh, this is Robert, Nanna. He's on his pokémon journey too." "Ah, very nice," cooed Grandma. "You've got.. four badges, I see? Very nice, halfway there already!" She turned to face Rilli. "You know, your father was a _very_ good trainer! Why, when he was your age, he had dozens of loyal pokémon and goodness, it seemed like he brought home a badge every other day!" "Granma!" Rilli groaned, her face burning. "I know dad was a good trainer! And Robert is too! Plus, he's a nice person!" "I know, dear," Grandma chuckled. "It's nice to see you're making more friends. And speaking of, what about that other girl that was such good friends with you? Was it... Quail.. Quaril? She's a nice girl, so smart and dedicated." Rilli suddenly fumbled with her fork. "I--haven't heard from Queth in a while, Nanna," she replied stiffly. "Well, that's a shame, she was a nice girl," Grandma crooned. Suddenly, the small Meowth leapt onto the table, attracted by the smell. "No! Bad kitty!" she scolded, grabbing it by the scruff and setting it back on the floor. "Uh... I didn't know you had a Meowth, Nanna," Rilli muttered, changing the topic. "Oh, I didn't before. The neighbors' Persian had kittens, and they were giving them away, and I thought it would be nice company." Robert sighed softly as he put his fork down. "That was a great meal, ma'am," he commented. "Thank you for your troubles." "Yeah, it was real nice of you, Nanna," Rilli added with a tight smile. "I guess we'll be going now, we wouldn't want to bother you too much." "Oh, do stay a bit longer, dear, it's been a while since I've seen you. Look at you, you're all grown up! And you've got a boyfriend too!" "Nanna!!!" Nendil -- The Aquafraternal Fanart Corner