Subject: [PW!] The Twilight Safari Zone Date: Thu, 01 Apr 1999 23:09:34 -0500 From: Roberto Perez-Vila <> Organization: Prodigy Services, Inc Newsgroups: > >Robert and Rilli back away. Robert yells out, "How are we going to > defeat > >this thing without Pokemon?!" > > >"I think I can help." The voice is unfamiliar. Robert and Rilli turn > to it to > >find CJ Smith standing behind them, facing the Kangaskhan directly in > front > >of him. "Now, if I only knew how..." > > CJ quickly scanned the ground for rocks but when he unable to find > one, he > opened his bag and began to pelt the large pokemon with several > pokeballs until > it ran away. After introductions and so forth, the three trainers > headed > further into the Saffari Zone to catch more pokemon. > TBC??? After Robert tries to dry his clothes with a towel he was keeping inside his backpack and after Mithril-rama puts her now less wet shoes and socks on, they walk westward together towards the next major area in the Safari Zone. They stop at the pink tall grasses every once in a while to attempt to drive the wild Pokemon out, but only Nidorans pop out and hop away quickly. CJ Smith trails behind them, minding his own business, looking for Pokemon he might want to catch. After passing though a narrow hallway made up of tree stumps, the group finds themselves staring into a large grassy field full of Pokemon, some in plain view! Robert points straight forward, "Look at that thing!" Everyone gazes towards a rather large Rhyhorn, oblivious to it's surroundings, and eating some of the artificial grass. Robert reaches into his pockets, "I still have nine Safari Balls. I'll catch this thing then look for a nurse Pokemon!" Noticing that the Rock Pokemon is already eating, Robert simply withdraws one Safari Ball and enlarges it. He sneaks up behind the Rhyhorn, raises his Safari Ball high, and chucks it straight towards the horn on Rhyhorn's head! The Rhyhorn's eyes narrow a little more than usual as the Safari Ball bursts into smithereens upon impact with its horn. It slowly turns around and begins Stomping towards Robert at full speed! Robert sweatdrops and jumps out of the way, "Wow! That thing's faster than I thought..." The Rhyhorn then snorts it's own name and charges again, this time inflicting his Horn Attack upon Robert's rear end, and launching him head first into the tall grasses! It snorts and runs away... Mithril-rama and CJ both run up to the tall grasses, concerned for Robert's well-being. "Are you okay?" CJ asks. Rilli chuckles upon seeing Robert with a dopey expression on his face and notes, "He's been through worse!" Robert nods and looks up, "Not only am I okay.. .but look what I landed on!" He sits up and reveals a fallen Chansey. It rolls around from side to side, having problems getting up due to its huge body and tiny limbs. "I'd like to see this one get away! Bwa ha ha ha ha!" Robert grabs a Safari Ball and drops it on the egg on Chansey's belly... It bounces off the egg and smacks Robert on the face, breaking in the process. "These stupid Safari Balls are so cheap! ARGH!!!" Instead of standing up, the Chansey decides a better course of action would be to roll away, so it begins rolling westward! Robert gets up quickly, "Oh no you don't, I'm going to catch you!" He chases after the rolling Chansey, chucking many rocks and a total of seven Safari Balls as he does so. They all miss, and Robert is down to only one Safari Ball by the time the Chansey crashes into a tree and stops rolling. Mithril-rama and CJ were left far behind. Robert breathes deeply and looks down at the last Safari Ball in his hand. "This had better work." He throws the Safari Ball! A larger than usual Tauros leaps in front of the Safari Ball in midair! The intruding bull Pokemon gets sucked inside. Chansey sighs in relief and uses the nearby tree to stand itself up and run away. Robert doesn't mind however, since he stares down at the violently shaking Safari Ball on the ground. "This is my last chance to catch a Pokemon... Will it...?" The Safari Ball bursts open and sparks fly everywhere as the Tauros leaps out of it! It stands tall, proud of having saved the Chansey, and Whips it's three Tails around boasting his accomplishment! The sun is already setting, so the twilight emphasizes the grandeur of the magnificent beast. Robert stares at the creature in awe, "I must catch that Pokemon..." His eyes become watery as the Tauros stomps away from him, northward towards a less than steep cliff. Mithril-rama and CJ catch up to Robert as he stares into the northern horizon. Rilli speaks while panting, "Hey, did you finally catch that Chansey, Robert?" Robert seems distracted for a long while, then nods, but shakes his head, "What? Oh... uh, why would I want to catch a Chansey? I want one of those bull Pokemon... you know, like the one Jack had." Mithril-rama furrows her brow, trying to come up with a reason for Robert's change of heart, "But I thought..." "I changed my mind..." Robert turns towards Rilli then looks down at her pockets. "I need some of your Safari Balls, I ran out trying to catch that Chansey. I was such a fool. Why would I want that chubby little piece of lard when I could have the bull Pokemon, the most fierce and manly Pokemon I've ever seen?!" Mithril-rama doesn't question his new attitude, and pulls ten Safari Balls out of her pockets. "Here's ten. I've got two more that I'm keeping just in case I see something I like." Robert quickly gathers the extra Safari Balls and deposits them in his pocket. He pecks her on the cheek, "Thanks, Rilli! Stay here, though. You might scare the Pokemon away!" He runs away towards the north, leaving Mithril-rama and CJ Smith behind. Rilli stares at Robert until he fades away into the twilight. She then looks at CJ Smith, "So... You didn't say much earlier... We might be waiting here for a while, so... Uhh...What kind of Pokemon do you have?" -Robert