Subject: [PW!][PKMN-Auction] oh my god, they killed raddish! you Basterds! Date: 5 Apr 1999 03:35:13 GMT From: (Primus1716) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: Tenchi arrived at the auction, and noticed a large man in the crowd. He gasped. IT was Giovanni! -FLASHBACK, 10 years ago- Tenchi was 9 at the time, playing with his beloved pokemon, raddish, a growlithe. Tenchi was tossing a ball to raddish, when the ball bounced into the street. Raddish went to go get it, but suddenly there was a sicking crunch. Tenchi ran over to the street, to see his beloved pokemon crushed under the weel of a limo. The window opened, and a tall man stepped out. "You should be more careful boy. I dont like stains on my car" Tenchi tried to punch the man, but he missed and fell to the ground. the man then told the driver to keep driving. The driver awnsered "Yes sir, Mr. Giovanni. " As tenchi stood up, the name ecohed through his mind. "Giovanni". One day, that man would pay. -END FLASHBACK- Tenchi stormed up to Giovanni, and polightly tapped him on the shoulder. Giovanni turned around, slightly annoyed. "yes, what is it?" Tenchi then swung his arm back, and connected with Giovanni's nose. "That was for Raddish" Giovanni fell back, and his guards steped foward to deal with the young man. The entire crowd had stopped what they were doing, and waited to see what was going to happen. But Giovanni stood, wiped his nose with a hankerchief, and said in an earily calm voice "No need for that boys". The guards stepped down, and Giovanni put his face close to Tenchi. "You have made a grave error boy. you shall not live to regret this" Tenchi walked away, with Blazer in his arms. He knew he was in trouble now, but it was worth it. All around him, Tenchi heard low wispers. "did you see that?" "one punch, and the guy was down" "dead man walking" Tenchi then walked up to a girl, noticing a cubone in her arms. "Excuse me, i couldnt help but notice that cubone of yours. Would you be willing to trade? i have a squirtle, a dragonair, a meowth, and a fearow. Blazer hid behind tenchi, not wanting to be traded. TBC -primus the otaku warrior