Subject: [PW!] [PKMN Auction] Tiamet returns, And Jake gets Trouble Date: 8 Apr 1999 02:51:42 GMT From: tiger1129@aol.comSaint (Tiger1129) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: (I thought this would be better told in the first person) I had recently stored all of his pokemon except Talon. I was wandering, as usual back to the breeder area, when I had a terrible feeling, I'm not psychic, but I just had a premonition. I began to Run all out. I soon reached the P1 breeders area, and I was right trouble was happening. A couple of punks were trying to steal the dragonites and the other pokemon. "ooh look at all these rare uns." One of the theifs said. Team Rocket? no not them just a bunch of lowlifes. Katie was trying to stop them but failing, there were to many. Then the last straw they started to grab my Tiamet. "ooh a silver Dragonite, heh heh heh." He grabbed her wing and stretched it out, nearly tearing the membranes in his wings. "DRAGONITTTTTTEEEE" She screamed in pain. No one does that to MY Dragonite! I went running onto the scene and in an explosion of teared fabric and silver feathers, My wings opened. I caught a good headwind and went soaring into the sky. I dove into the clearing. I sucker punch one guy landed then preparred to fight. "Wot the 'ell izzit?" one of the grubby theives asked the other, the third one pushed them both aside. "I don't know but he's gonna get hurt." I just grinned. two of them advanced on me, I spin kicked one and the other one got slapped by my left wing. the retreated, then regrouped and advanced again. I gave them a good beating and they were gone running away. I breathed heavily, they had gotten one or two good hits in on me. I fell to the ground, to tired to stand. Tiamet walked over to me, she was huge, at least seven feet tall. "Gonite?" she asked. obviously concerned. I struggled but got to my feet eventually, I hobbled over to Katie, she was unconcious. but then she began to stir. "Uh....What...Huh? Oh God I'm dead. Theres an angel standing over me I'm dead!" She was hysterical. "Ti give her a small dose of water." She spit out a trickle of water and Katie was fine. her pupils un-dialated and she saw clearly. "Jake is that.... Oh My GOD!" TBC The Saint