Subject: [PW!] Time For Hypno's Nap Date: 5 Apr 1999 06:11:17 GMT From: (Dryad48) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: Neo defeated the Vileplume with Haunter and was about to head for Dern, but hypnotized trainers entered the lobby sending out more and more pokemon to attack. Neo's pokemon were out numbered six to ninety seven. "Retreat!" cried Haunter. Neo and his pokemon ran up the hotel stairs with the hypnotized trainers close behind. He quickly evolved Eevee into Jolteon and it shot out many Pin Missles to slow them down. Some of the poison pins hit Derrick in the head and he fainted once again. ---------------------------------Some Unknown Time Later------------------------------------------ Derrick awoke to find his Arbok laying on the ground fainted and returned her. He got up with faint memories about the Hypno eating his dreams turning him evil. He heard many loud crashes from the floor above and many mixed pokemon voices including what sounded like Neo's Haunter. He dizzily stumbled into the kitchen and saw Hypno eating Dern's dreams. "STOP!" he shouted. Hypno looked at him and laughed. "Hy Hy Hy Hy Hypnoooo!" It used its incredible psychic powers to fling Derrick to the other side easily. Suddenly, Derrick came up with a plan that would be sure to succeed. "Go, Exeggcute." he whispered as he rolled the poke ball behind the counter. It opened and he made sure they didn't make a noise as he whispered his plan. They split up on their own rolling behind the counters. As Hypno was continuously eating Dern's dream, it noticed one of the eggs roll by. It immedietly stopped and rushed over to grab it. It was about to take a Bite when suddenly, all the others bounced out of their hidding place surrounding it. Surprised it pulled out its pendulum to once again, use Hypnosis, but they Barraged it out of its hand and put it to sleep instead. "Excellent job Exeggcute," Derrick said as he took Dern's poke ball and captured Hypno. Everything should be back to normal now. Everything did, the riot upstairs stopped and moments later, Neo came in to see why it stopped. Derrick, Neo, Eevee, and Exeggcute slowly carried the fainted Dern back to the pokemon center. -------------------------------------------------Hours Later-------------------------------------------------- Dern awoke to see Neo sitting in a chair by him. "Where am I?" Dern asked. "The pokemon center," Neo replied "Hypno's here too." "What? You managed to capture it?" " Actually, Derrick captured it. I had to hold of the hundreds of trainers." Neo bragged. "Oh, where's Derrick anyway?" "Well... wouldn't you like to see your Hypno first?" "Fine." Neo led Dern to another room to find Hypno sleeping. Nurse Joy came in. With test results. "I have here the reason why Hypno is disobeying you," she said. "What? Tell me!" "Ok, my results say that Hypno has a malfunction in its brain causing mental breakdown." "Um, in english please." "I see, you're little boy very rude," she glared. "Hypno has an extremely serious case of amnesia. it remembers almost nothing and the serious part is it goes completely crazy when it has a flashback of you. I suggest taking it to the Pokemon Reform Center." "Wha?" "It's an asylum for pokemon and it's in Saffron City." "No way!" "What are you gonna do, keep it in the ball forever?" "I'll return it to normal myself." ("And maybe, with a little help from Agatha.") he thought. He took Hypno and turned to Neo. "Where's Derrick?" Neo tried to change the subject again. "I SAID WHERE IS HE?" ".......In the pokemon morgue......." "What? Why is everyone getting bad luck now? What pokemon is it?" To Be Continued (Dern, sorry if you don't like this story, but It's fine with me if you revive Hypno's memory super fast)