Subject: [PW!] To Pokemon Island Date: 9 Apr 1999 06:45:12 GMT From: (Dryad48) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: Derrick came to the airport in Saffron and in no time, found the flight headed to the island. "Are you part of the crew thats taking the pokemon pics?" asked the flight attendant. "Yes." "Name, please?" "Derrick Grove." He showed his ID. "Ok." Derrick walked quickly searching for his seat. "Excuse me, your seat is over here," she pointed. " In first class? Great!" he said half excited. -------------------------------After The Plane Ride---------------------------------- Derrick got of the plane. He saw ahead of him, the security guards already checking some people for pokemon. Turning to the pokemon nursery he let out his pokemon. "Please stay here," he said to them. He then explained what he was to do for the next few weeks. Cloyster and Arbok remained unemotionable, but especially Paras and Bellsprout were deeply upset. They continuously insisted on sneaking along. Derrick gave his last goodbyes to them. He picked up his baggage. "You there!" the security guard shouted. "Hurry up!" "Yeah yeah," he replied as he turned to him. He thought he felt something hop into his backpack, but ignored it. The security guard checked him with the metal detector quickly and let him go. "Finally!" Sirius was there and angry. "Do you know how long I've been waiting here?" Derrick felt the shaking in his backpack again, but ingored it. To Be Continued