Subject: [PW!] [PKMN-AUCTION] To the Pokemon Auction! Date: 5 Apr 1999 23:13:46 GMT From: kidvid2@aol.comyer.head (Kid Vid2) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: OOC: Hey, MTSowbug, (Or however you spell it, I can't seem to get it correct. ^.^;;) howzabout we skip the SCCI post, and say it hapened? We both need to be at the Auction, and I want the Wiggly launcher.) Dustin walks into the busteling area of the auction. There are merchants everywhere, selling everything imagineable. Dustin releases Exeggutor for laughs. He notices a small crowd gathered around a merchant selling a wooden ball. He walks up to the merchant, and says, "Why are you selling a round slab of wood, anyways?" The merchant relies, "This isn't an ORDINARY wooden ball!" "Then, what exactly does it do?" "It contains every type of tool imagineable!" the merchant responds, as he flicks the peculiar wooden object. Out pops a knife. "Neat," Dustin said, "But how much does it cost?" "Bids start at 1000. Any takers?" Dustin says, "Hrm. I'll start it. I bid 1000." "I bid 1100!" a man replies. "Oh, yeah, well eat this! I bid 1200!" "1500!" the man said. The merchant's smile is growing larger with each bid... "2000!" Dustin shouts. "2500!" The man yells. Exeggutor looks for a shoe to eat. "I want this object! I BID 5,000!" Dustin shouted. "Urgh..." The man says, checking his wallet, "Too rich for my blood." The man walks off. "Sold, to the weird kid with the Exeggutor that is chewing on my foot!" the mearchant yells. Dustin looks, and sure enough, Exeggutor is chewing on the merchant's foot. "Stop that, Exeggutor!" Dustin says to his Pokemon as he exchanges the money for the item, and walks off... TBC... KidVid 2's 3rd sig! Praise Goddish! Remove yer.head to E-Mail I am one half of the Wigglytuff Warlords. PH34R M3! ^_^ Go to Or, go to for all your ZZT/MZX needs.