Subject: [PW!] [PKMN-Auction] To the Porygon Demostration! Date: 8 Apr 1999 02:22:53 GMT From: (Seanish65) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: Seanish roams the rooms of the Pokèmon Auction, bored as heck (Not to disgrace Icy's Event, just needed it for the story). Sirius was long gone, he would turn up, but there was no use in looking for him now. Seanish looked up, there was a poster hanging above him. It read: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------- Come and see the wonders of the Celadon Programmers: PORYGON The only digital Pokèmon. Demostration today! a poster hanging above him. It read: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------- "Cool," Seanish exclaimed. Then he ran off to go see the Porygons. TBC... PokèSean "This is my Quote"