From: <> Subject: [PW!]Tox starts his journey! Date: Tuesday, April 27, 1999 2:07 PM Note: Did the Paragraphs show up on this? Tox waved goodbye to Koga. "Charbok?" asked Kobra. "Sure, when we reach the oil spill I'll let you sniff out a pokemon" replied Tox. Tox can understand Arbok and Koffing speech. They walked down to the harbor, and rented a boat. They began to head towards Seafoam Island. After a while of boating they reached the oil drenched beach of Seafoam. Kobra jumped out of the boat and began to sniff. "Koffing Koffing!" yelled 2 Koffings, as they floated out of the oil. "Charbok!" yelled Kobra, and he began to Glare at the Koffings. He had mastered the attack very well. He began to belch Acid out of his mouth. "Very good Kobra, now lets see how these special poison-neutralizing pokeballs" said Tox. 2 black pokeballs flew at the Koffings. The Koffings were too paralyzed from the Glare to do much, and the special pokeballs neutralized their poison. It was an easy catch, Kobra caught them off guard with Glare, but little did they know that it would get a lot harder. "This is good, very good, 2 koffings evolve into a stronger Weezing. Kobra, you're not going in a pokeball ever!" said Tox. He called out his Koffings, "Koff" "Ing" said the Koffings. "Yes, I'll give you both nicknames, Spitting and Hacking!" said Tox. Tox walked back into the boat, followed by Kobra, Spitting, and Hacking. The began to head towards Cinnibar Island. Tox stopped the boat. "Hacking, Spitting, use SmokeScreen!" said Tox. The Koffings began to release poison gas into the air, clouding the area around the boat. Tox pulled the boat onto one of the piers and jumped off the boat. Kobra and the Koffings followed, as they walked out of the smoke. They walked into the Cinnibar Lab. Tox went up to the service counter and asked "Hello, is Professor Crendle in?". "Yes, I believe he is. Follow me" replied the man. He took Tox to a room in the back of the lab. Crendle was working on an experiment. "Hey Crendle, did you finish the experiment?" asked Tox. "Tox, I havn't seen you for a while. You won't be able to make Grimers become like Dittos, but you can increase you Arboks power with this chemical I made" replied Crendle. He handed Tox a glass container, with a black chemical in it. Kobra slithered up and drank it. "By the way, I'm heading to Professor Oaks today on my Fearow, would you like to join me?" asked Crendle. "Sure, I'd love to!" said Tox. They headed outside and got on the Fearow. They began the flight to Pallet. TBC?? -----------== Posted via Deja News, The Discussion Network ==---------- Search, Read, Discuss, or Start Your Own