Subject: [PW!] We're off to see the wizard... and kick his sorry ass! Date: Thu, 01 Apr 1999 23:36:46 -0800 From: Dreadite <> Organization: Kage Shogunate Newsgroups: P:OTP! Let's see... I forgot to summarise the posts? ^^;;; Dreadite left the Celadon Gym, with Car'tos and Black Hole. Mimic is being carried along, as well. RK, Jeff, Mindbender, Alice, and Alysia are going to Saffron, via Lavender. And now, on with the post! "So, why are you here? And where are we going?" Cartos asked, while Dreadite looked down at Mimic. "Mimic, what are you doing here." Dreadite frowned, and dropped the Ditto. Mimic looked at Dreadite. "Mimic take nap. Not want grabbed by Dreadite." Dreadite laughed. "Well, it's not a matter of what you want, is it?" Dreadite laughed. "I'm headed to Lavender. And you're coming with me, if you don't mind," Dreadite said, intoning that Mimic really didn't have a choice. Car'tos shrugged. "Why Lavender town?" Dreadite laughed. "Because there is two Rockets I need to talk to there. Alice and Alysia." Car'tos shrugged, and started walking as Dreadite stepped forward. Mimic struggled a bit, and sighed. "Mimic goes along. Mimic does not like capture." Dreadite kept walking toward Saffron. "Tough. I don't have time to deal with you right now, so you'll just have to live with it." Dreadite started to explain to Car'tos why he needed to talk to them as they got out of range. Black Hole waited, then realised he was behind. "Hey, guys! Wait UP!" Black Hole yelled, running to catch up. Dreadite (Adrian, please? I needed to do this fast, and didn't have time to ask you about this. ^^;;;) ----- "Míru kage mo náku yatsúrete iru. I am the Darkness, Dreadite." Visit the Kage Shogunate: