From: Dreadite <> Subject: [PW!] What the... abandoned? Date: Thursday, April 22, 1999 3:14 AM P:OTP: I MSTed something. It was not meant as an insult to anyone. Although it may have been taken that way. I am sorry, it was wrong. I hope the american people.. *gets whacked by Super deformed Dreadite* Oh, sorry. ^^;; In other news, I went to the Island! Late. >_< No matter, I'm gonna have FUN with this! ^_^ ***** Dreadite looked at the door to the complex. He walked up to it, and pushed it. Much to his surprise, it opened. "Uh oh. That is NOT a good sign." Dreadite walked through the door. Two men wearing Pokémon League uniforms were standing at the end of the corridor. One of them was looking down the corridor to the right, and the other was staring at the door Dreadite had just pushed open. The second man tapped the first, and then pointed. Dreadite leapt out of the door, and dodged to the right side of the frame, where he waited. "Did you just see that?" The second guard asked, and the first just nodded. Dreadite looked around, and swiped a Weedle off of his arm. It said it's name loudly, and poked him. Dreadite yelled, and threw a Pokéball. His Zubat flew out, immediately biting the Weedle, which fainted. One of the guards heard the yell, and ran to the door. He looked out in time to see a Golbat get returned to a unseen Pokéball. Dreadite was long gone. Dreadite ran down a path in the jungle, dodging trees. He stopped when he felt that the guards had given up, and looked up. "I though this was a Team Rocket compound. Well it doesn't matter, I'll defeat them if I have to." ***** Lance just shrugged. "Someone was there? Check it out. And quit bugging me!" Lance slammed the phone down. On the other end, the Guard just sighed. "Lance said to go after him. He'll be sending some replacements." The other guard sighed. "Another wild goose chase? Why couldn't you just shrug it off?" The two guards ran out of the door. The door slammed shut, trapping the weedle inside. It slammed against the door, and then started toward the hallway in the back. "Weedle!" ***** Dreadite looked at the sky, watching the birds fly by. One of them swooped down, grabbing a caterpie off the ground before flying off. Dreadite smirked and started to get up. "Well, I guess I'd better find..." He paused as a young kid wearing shorts ran up. "Hey you! You're not wearing SHORTS!" The kid glared at Dreadite. "I'll have to battle you." Dreadite teardropped, and grabbed a Pokéball. "Fine. I choose you, Chansey!" The egg Pokémon bounded out, and smiled, looking around. It latched onto Dreadite's leg, and grinned. "Chansey! Chan.. sey!" Dreadite looked down at the Egg Pokémon, and just sighed. He remembered why he didn't use this one often. The kid laughed. "A chansey? No problem! I'll get you with Ratticate!" The rat Pokémon leapt out with a snarl. The kid pointed at the Chansey, and yelled to the ratticate for a Hyper Fang. Dreadite just picked up the chansey, and turned it to face the Ratticate. The chansey sighed angrily, and walked up to the Ratticate. It then picked up it's egg, and tossed it at the Ratticate, a new egg appearing in it's place. The ratticate fell back, stunned. "Chansey!" Dreadite nodded at the Chansey. "Good work! Egg bomb, very commendable choice Chansey." Chansey ran over to Dreadite, and hopped in front of him, beaming. "Chan! Chan!" Dreadite looked over at the kid, who was standing there, stunned. Dreadite held out a Pokéball, and the Chansey hopped inside. Dreadite walked down the path for a couple feet, and hid as footsteps approached. The two agents waked into the glade, and looked around. Dreadite just smirked. One of the agents looked at the kid. "Hey, kid, have you seen a tall guy walking around?" The kid nodded. "Yeah. He beat my Ratticate, then ran back there!" He pointed to the tree. Dreadite swore, and walked out. The agent's face lit up with recognition, then went pale. "What the.... oh shit." Dreadite bounded toward the agent, with an outstretched hand. With one quick motion, he spun in the air, drawing his sword and hitting the agent with the handle of the blade. The agent stumbled back, and the other agent drew a gun. "Freeze!" Dreadite stopped. He dropped his sword, and grabbed a Pokéball from his belt. He pressed the button, and pointed at the agent with the gun. "Wigglytuff! Sing!" The red glow subsided, and a pink balloon bounded out. It's huge eyes shimmered, and the tuft of pink twirled in the breeze. "Wigglytuff!" The agent backed away in horror as the Wigglytuff started to sing. Dreadite just smiled as the guard slumped down in fear before falling asleep. Dreadite picked up the sword, and walked over to the agent. ***** Lance hung up his cellular phone, and slammed his fist on a wall. "Damnit. We lost contact with the agents. I don't think it was an ordinary trespasser." His aide nodded thoughtfully. "Then perhaps it was someone on the list? It is possible." Lance nodded. "Well, then. They'll be taken care of. We have some of our best on the island, including Orion." The aide just grinned. "Team Rocket will rue this day." ***** Dreadite sighed as he walked out of the jungle. "That was a miserable experience. I wonder why they were after me." His Pidgey just made a chuckling noise. Dreadite frowned, and looked at the sky again. "Interesting... this island's terrain is very disturbing. From jungle to desert in a few steps." The Pidgey just made a disgusted noise before returning to its Pokéball. Dreadite sighed, and marched toward the building in the distance. His cloak fluttered in the wind, and sand blew up into the air behind him. A Diglett popped it's head out of the ground as the footsteps echoed through the tunnel below. The Diglett yelled after Dreadite before popping it's head back under and moving forward. The footsteps echoed before fading into the distance. ***** Dreadite walked up to the complex, and frowned. "This had BETTER be it." He pressed his hand on the door, and it didn't open. He sighed with relief, and looked up at the door. TBC? (Wow, that was long. But fun to write, damnit!) Dreadite (Finally.. I catch up with people! *sighs* Wait.. did I WANT to find people? To late now. ^_^) ----- "Míru kage mo náku yatsúrete iru. I am the Darkness, Dreadite." Visit the Kage Shogunate: