Subject: [PW!] Wigglytuffs? Date: Fri, 2 Apr 1999 14:30:23 -0000 From: "Alyssa" <> Organization: Co-Priestess of the Church of Mountain Dew Newsgroups: <image of Alyssa in TR uniform standing atop a tall cliff with pretty colors in the background, pointing to the sky as angelic music plays> INSPIRATION! Now, I know Wigglytuff is generally considered evil, but I LIKE it so HA! ----- "Happy, happy, I'm so.... pippi!" Alyssa sang, whirling through the streets of Saffron City. She was in a good mood, and for once Mars was as well. He'd come along with Alyssa on her little excursion through Saffron, and the girl's contagious happy mood (and constant singing of "Lucky Lucky") was getting to the Abra. Neko was walking alongside Lyssie, weaving around the girl's feet. Suddenly, the cat Pokemon snapped to attention, ears perked. She sniffed the air and growled low in her throat. Then she dashed into an alley. Confused, Lyssie followed. There was a Wigglytuff in the alley, sleeping peacefully. One of its ears fell in its face. Neko was growling at it. The ears twitched, and the Wigglytuff woke up, opening its eyes. With a grin, it bounced to its negligible feet and announced "Wiggly! Tuff wiggly!" Alyssa sweatdropped. "You wanna battle this thing, Neko?" "Perrrrrsian!" The Wigglytuff made a giggly noise and attached itself to Alyssa's face. "Wiggly-hee-hee! Tuff wiggly wigglytuff tuff!" Alyssa freaked. "GFF OFFUM M!!" she screamed through the three pounds of rubber clinging to her face. ((Shut up, Mars, just shut up!)) she told the psychic Pokemon who, though he was merely grinning on the outside, was laughing hysterically in his mind. "Wigglytuff says he'd like to be your Pokemon," the Abra said coolly. "You've only got four, and you like cute Pokes, so...?" Alyssa pried the cheerful Wigglytuff off of her face and set it carefully on the ground. "Yeah, but I like strong Pokes too. From what I've heard, Wigglys aren't that... hey, get away from ACK!!" Wigglytuff had been whacking at one of Alyssa's empty Pokeballs, and had suddenly been sucked inside. Alyssa tried to pry the Pokeball open before Wigglytuff was officially caught, but then the red light went out. Whether she liked it or not, Wigglytuff was her Pokemon. "Persian." Neko sniffed, clearly disgusted that she would now have to share a team with a Wigglytuff. Alyssa sighed in defeat and let the cheerful Wigglytuff out of his Pokeball. "Well, since you're my Pokemon now, I guess I might as well name you..." she started. Mars suddenly snapped to attention, ears raised at a psychic sense. "Psychic Pokemon nearby. There's a second type... can't make it out..." Mars' tone changed to horror. "Oh, Mew-sama, not a..." "Jyyyyyyyyyyyynx!!" Mars and Alyssa screamed in pure terror, Mars glomping onto his trainer and Alyssa glomping him as best she could. The wild Jynx stalked out of the shadows, seductively swaying its hips. Neko looked positively sick, and Mars and Alyssa were flat-out terrified. "NEKO, MARS, HASHIRU, OGAMA, *SOMEBODY ATTACK THAT SCARY THIIIING!!*" Alyssa screamed, breaking a nearby window. Of course, Hashiru and Ogama weren't out, and didn't want to attack something that scared their trainer so bad anyway. Neko didn't want to move for fear she'd throw up, and Mars was scared stiff. In pure desperation, Alyssa grabbed Wigglytuff by the ears and started beating on the Jynx relentlessly with it. Surprisingly, the rubbery Pokemon made an effective club. The Jynx, not prepared for this, squealed and fled. A collective sigh of relief was breathed. ((Lyssie, you do realized you just used your Wigglytuff as a club, right?)) Mars asked mentally, letting go of Alyssa and floating to the ground. Alyssa blinked and held the semi-battered Wigglytuff up to her face. It blinked, still grinning. "Wiggly!" it chirped. "Didn't that hurt?" Alyssa blinked. "Tuff wiggly tuff tuff!" "He says it didn't," Mars translated. Alyssa blinked again, then grinned. "I think I'll let you stay out of your ball, Wigglytuff," she grinned. "Hey... I'll name you Mace! Suits, dontcha think?" "Wigglyyyy!" Mace cheered, throwing its tiny arms up in the air with a ^_^ expression on its face. Grinning, Alyssa situated the pink Pokemon on her shoulder and left the alley, Mars walking next to her. "Peeeeerrrrrsiaaaaaaannnnnn...." Neko whined, following after Alyssa. -- Lyssie Obsessive Raichu and Mew fan "There really must be a society against cruelty to James." -- Maria (I agree! Only YOU can save James from Jessie's paper fans of death!) "I admit, I set him on fire once with my magic paper fan." -- Corynn "If you took a Mega Kick to the most sensitive part of your body, how eager would you be to jump up and run after a Pokemon?" -- James, from an IM roleplaying session "Yes, ma'am, I know everything but the answers." -- Peppermint Patty