Subject: [PW!]Will Brock ever be normal again? Date: 3 Apr 1999 01:46:14 GMT From: (AznFrenzy) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: Raven felt the cool breeze from the outside. He tried to walked inside Saffron Gym as quietly as possible. The trash can that was once Brock seemed heavier to carry every step of the way. Raven tiptoed across the silent gloomy hallways. He finally came to what he was looking for, Sabrina's room. Raven peek inside the little crack on the wooden down. Satisfied that no one was inside Raven came in. "Now where is the diamond?" Raven searched franticly for a diamond that might contain Shard. Raven finally gave up and left the room. He went down to a bigger room that was obviously where the pokemon matches were held. Raven got a tap in the shoulder. He wasn't surprised when he turned around to see Sabrina staring at him. "What are you doing here?" Sabrina did not recognize Raven at first. "Are you the new janitor? You can put the trash can down.......... Wait a minute its YOU!!!" "Where is Shard." Raven asked. "He's gone where are you hiding him?" Sabrina asked back. "He's gone?" said Raven confused "So what else you come here for? To fight me?" Sabrina smirked. "Turn Brock back to normal." "Are you commanding me? I don't see Brock." Sabrina made a small attempt to look around. "You turn him into a trash can remember?" Raven dropped the trash can right in front of Sabrina. "Oh you brought it all the way here?" Sabrina dropped some trash inside the trash can. "Change him back." "Nah." Sabrina did not even blink as she sent Raven sprawling across the room. "Get out of my sight," Sabrina psychically sent the trash can over Raven's head......... TBC........... Shard , your turn if you are able to.