Subject: Re: [PW!][PKMN-Auction]Your Invited, Can You Be There... Date: 05 Apr 1999 09:00:41 GMT From: smarsh5932@aol.comedy (SMarsh5932) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: "J.Howard Kuehn" <> wrote: > Behind the glass barrior, every detail of the auction could be seen. >The Ivysaur being auctioned >had already gotton some high bids, suprising for such a common pokémon. >Giovanni looked happy, >showing no trace of the gunshot wound that had almost taken his life. >James steped to Giovanni's right. >"Are you sure you should be here, many people would enjoy the sight of your >death" >"I survived on assination, I can suvive another. Forget that, we have other things >to discover" He reached inside the pocket of his jacket, and pulled out a paper. >"This is your invitation to Pokémon Island. If the island looks like a good >investment, obtain it" >Unfolding the paper, James asked >"Why am I invited?" >"I pulled a few strings, but the reason is because of your expertise in Ice, >Fire, and Water Pokémon" >"Anything else" >"Yes, do not forget to take care of ATR" >James laughed, and looked into the crowd >"If we're lucky, they'll be some here" "Sir,"said a boy as he entered the room,"you asked for me." "Max,"replied Giovanni as he handed him a sheet of paper with a sketch on it which Max instantly reconized,"one of our division leaders have reported that a Rocket member was attacked by a prisoner who escaped our clutches in the last week. We have learned from his pokedex that his name his is CJ Smith and that you two traveled together at one point, is that true." "Yes." "I wouldn't even bother with him but it attacked agent was carrying a lot of money with him to pay off certain officials of the Pokemon League, I want you to retrive the money and bring in this Smith character, dead or alive,You're risen quickly though the ranks off Team Rocket,"said Giovanni as he stroked his Persian."don't disappoint me." "I won't." "Rocket agents have reported seeing him here in Celadon, prehaps for the auction." "I'll act right away." "No, I don't want you to disrupt to auction, just wait for the right opportunity. Is that clear?" "Crystal." "Good. Also, watch out for troublemakers like ATR." "If they're here, I'll sniff them out and destroy them." "That's what I like about you, kid. You're all business, but I'm leaving the ATR stuff to the more experienced agents." "I'm know I'm ready to handle the big cases." "You'll only be ready when I'll tell you're ready, now get out so I can handle my business" TBC???