From: <> Subject: [PW!]A-Maze-ing discovery in Viridian Forest Date: Tuesday, May 18, 1999 5:21 PM "Viridian Forest. Its huge!" explaimed Brett. The huge forest was like a maze. A Pikachu ran by. Brett flicked up his pokedex. "Pikachu. A small electric mouse, when many of them gather they can cause thunderstorms!" said the pokedex. Brett had studied pokemon through his pokedex, and he learned alot. "Machop, Tauros, I'll get you guys some experience. I heard there are alot of trainers here!" said Brett. After a few minutes Brett was already lost. "Pokedex. Show me a map of this forest!" said Brett. A map popped up. "Warning. Flock of Beedrills coming in our direction!" said the pokedex. "Zzzzzzzz" a faint buzzing noise was heard. The sun was blacked out by beedrils. "Those are the Beedril Boyz. There is a flock of Spearows coming this way also. I predict its the Spearow Squad" said the Pokedex. "Yes! The Spearow squad will easily defeat these beedrils! Maybe I can capture a Spearow too!" said Brett. The Spearows came swooping down, taking out the unaware Beedrils. The Beedrils caught on, and a deadly battle broke out. Dead Beedrils, and poisoned Spearows were falling out of the sky. The Spearows were winning the battle. "I wonder if the Pika-Patrol will come?" asked Brett. "They are currently in the power plant. It is highly unlikely" said the pokedex. The battle was turning into a mad frolic. Suddenly it stopped. 3 silver spearows stood over the dead bodys. They flew off, north towards Pallet Town. Brett launched a tracking bug onto one of them, and headed for Pewter City. Brilington-"I never be the best, but i'm different than the rest"-My Corny PW! motto --== Sent via ==-- ---Share what you know. Learn what you don't.---