From: Tiger1129 <tiger1129@aol.comSaint> Subject: [PW!] A dream of things to come...... Date: Wednesday, May 26, 1999 5:18 PM Jake rolled over in his sleeping bag. he hated not being able to sleep. Having wings just made it tens times worse. He looked over at Clarissa who was sleeping peacefully. "pokeball....go" she muttered in her sleep. "Alright....I caught.....Moltres...." Jake groaned and rolled over. "Leviathan go" he said dropping the pokeball. "Lapras!" Leviathan said upon emerging. "Leviathan use your sing attack. The lapras quietly sung it's song. and soon Jake was fast asleep. There was nothing but empty blackness. Jake couldn't hear anything, couldn't see anything. There was.... nothing. Suddenly a crack of white light appeared. The was a flash of ruby red electricity and suddenly Jake was outside. there was a Magnemite floating above him, only it was huge. The same size as he was at least. "Ha a Spearow against a Magnemite? no contest, this will be my thirteenth victory. Then a dream came to him. Jake looked up at the kid, he suddenly realized he was looking at him from behind a beak. "I'll show you!" a voice from behind him said, he turned his head over his shoulder. standing behind him was a girl, she looked to be about thirteen or fourteen. she stood at about five foot five inches, and had black hair that went just past her shoulders. He had to look up to see her face even though she was only five foot five. Jake's current form was only about a foot tall. Oddly this all seemed very normal to Jake. "So lest start this already. Magnemite, Sonic Boom, I'll go easy on you. For now." The golden colored Magnemite swirled around faster and faster, "Spearow Fly up high" Jake took off into the air. The Magnemite stopped and a tornado of energy went flying from him and missed. "That Was cheap!" the opposing trainer yelled. "Please, you just have bad aim. Spearow use Fly!" Jake flew higher up preparing to dive down on the Magnemite. "Hey Denise I'll make a deal with you if I win, I get that silver Spearow of yours and if, by some miracle you win, you get my fabulous goldne Mganemite." Denise, who was obviously Jake's trainer, laughed. "Yeah right Mark, I know you just spray painted your Magnemite gold in a scheme to sell him to some poor sap for big money." Jake dove down at the Magnemite, who was distracted by the coversation between the two trainers. The two pokemon collided at high speed, the Magnemite was knocked out of the air, landed on the ground and didin't get up. "What? My Magnemite lost to a SPEAROW? NO WAY! I think you cheated." Mark said as he returned his Magnemite. "Cheated? I don't think so my Spearow is just better trained than your Magnemite." Mark glared at her. "Honestly Mark, I think your only purpose in life is to give me a hard time." Mark grinned. "What do you think a rival is for?" Denise shook her head and started to walk away. Jake flew after her. Jake woke up suddenly, he looked up into the treetops and the sunshine coming from them, Clarissa woke up next to him. "Good morning, you sleep well?" She asked. "Yeah but I had a weird dream..." TBC The Saint