From: Tiger1129 <tiger1129@aol.comSaint> Subject: Re: [PW!] A Duel to Discovery Date: Friday, May 07, 1999 2:36 PM > >her mouth open in surprise. Joel doubted it was due to Jake's good looks. >"He's >fine. You?" > Jake said, "I'm cool." He looked back at his wings and back at Joel with >a >worried look. "Uhh, about these.." > "Yeah. Nice wings. So..where did ya get 'em?" > Jake cursed himself silently. What an idiot he had been. He stretched his wings to their full span of 20 feet. "Where'd I get these? uh As far as I know I was born with them." Joel nodded. Boy their taking this real well, Jake thought, I would think they'd be two miles from here now. he noted that Clarissa was staring at him, shocked. Jake ran his fingers through his silver striped hair nervously. Clarissa shook her head and grinned at him. "What?" She laughed. "No wonder you look like you have shoulders like a football player's." Jake stared blankly, then grinned despite himself. TBC The Saint