From: Magic T. Dragon <> Subject: Re: [PW!] a past remembered Date: Monday, May 31, 1999 9:02 PM "Magic T. Dragon" wrote: <snip> > Natasha started to respond, but the sleeping pills took over. [OOC: Sorry about not making room for Tenchi's response, but I had to get this out before I forgot it. O.o] [More OOC: Also, I forgot what test it is that detects electrical activity. In this story, it's a CAT scan, but that may be wrong.] After another half-hour of sleep, a nurse came in, waking Natasha. "Oh dear, I'm sorry...but we need to perform a CAT scan after that head injury." Natasha expected to be moved to another room for the test, but instead, a doctor carried a small box into the room. "This is a portable CAT scan unit, with live display." He proceeded to set the box down on Natasha's pillow and scooch her head in. "We'll be testing your reactions to a few simple questions. Now, let's turn this baby on..." A strange sensation swept her over as the scanner was turned on. "Mmm-hmmm...good...that looks normal...okay, what's your name?" "Natasha." "What's two plus two?" "Four." "What's the square root of infinity?" Natasha started to open her mouth. "The hell?" "Good, very good!" The doctor was scribbling things down on a pad of paper. /~Master, what man doing?~\ The doctor fell over. "HOLY TOLEDO! What just happened?" Natasha sweatdropped. "Scyther just asked what was going on..." "'Scyther'? You mean that?" The doctor motioned towards the touchy green insect. "But everyone knows that insects aren't psychic..." "I can hear him in my head. Charmander..." /~Yes, master?~\ A patch on the CAT scan flared up again, causing the doctor to facefault. "Nurse, are you getting this down? The patient must have suffered some sort of brain injury, she's delerious... Alright, miss, can any of your" 'Well, can you?' Charmander answered instantly. /~Yes...~\ "Charmander says he can." "Okay, then we're going to do a little test." The doctor wrote something down on a piece of paper and handed it to Charmander. "It says, 'This is a test'. Not very imaginative, are you?" "What the...okay, how about this one?" "The quick brown dog jumps over the lazy unicorn." "But this is impossible...this one." "She sells shehells...uh, she sells seashells by the seashore." The doctor grinned. "Try this." "How many sheets would a sheet slitter shi-- Oh, fer cryin' out loud!" "Oh, that's good enough...okay, I'm going to write down a song title. You sing it." "But that's not a...oh, yeah. ~Kenya fields aloft denied...~" "Well, that's plenty enough for me! You rest...we'll be back later to run more tests." The doctor unhooked the CAT scanner and took it out of the room. As soon as they left, Natasha fell back asleep. --Natasha V. Okay, if you know what that "Kenya fields aloft denied" thing was...that is, what song it was a parody of...reply and you'll get a nice, fuzzy warm feeling inside!