From: Dryad48 <> Subject: [PW!] ??Ancient Pokemon vs. Tons o' Money?? Date: Sunday, May 30, 1999 11:21 AM "Oddish!" Derrick and Kathy had ran back to the canyon in search of the little plant. They did not know that Weepinbell purposly kicked him off. "Hey, what's that over there?" Kathy asked. They rushed to the object to find Oddish's poke ball, but Oddish wasn't there. "Oddish!" "Where are you? Oddish!" "Come out, Oddish!" They noticed a Sandshrew observing them and below it's feet, a piece of a leaf. "Hey," Derrick said, "you must have seen Oddish." It just stared back. "Can you show us where it is?" Derrick crouched down and Sandshrew slashed his face, then dashed away. Kathy ran after it screeching, "Come back!" Derrick got up to his feet and slowly straddled towards the direction they were running. "Derrick!" "Wha.." Kathy ran up to him and pointed in a small tunnel. "There, he went in that hole." "Then let's follow it.." Derrick let out Paras. "Uhh, go Meowth.." ----------Thirty Minutes Later---------- "They still haven't come out!" "Patience, Derrick." The sun was boiling on them and the two were felling worn out. Kathy was just sitting there, letting the sun beat down on her, while Derrick was pacing around in circles feeling the intense heat, then, he passed out. ----------Dream---------- "Weepinbell." "Not now." "Oddish." "Yes, Oddish. What is it? What can I do to make your life perfect? You are just too cute to ignore." "Bell.." "SHADUP!" ----------Reality---------- Derrick woke up to find Paras poking him. Next to Paras, Meowth was there holding a fainted Oddish in it's hands. "Wha.. wha happened?" "Oddish got into a battle with a Sandslash," Kathy answered. "Ohh, I'm sorry Oddish..bu..." "He beat it." "Wha?" "Oddish absorbed all it's energy causing it to faint, but now, he has taken in too much energy and is feeling quite sick." "Hey, guys!" Dern called to them. Derrick got up to his feet. "WhaT?" "Guess, what I found fossils, tons!" "Really?" Kathy asked. Dern nodded. "YES!" She tossed Meowth into the air to celebrate. "Soo, what didya find? I want a Kabuto fossil." "Well, um, u, uh, see, uh, i got myself, a Helix." "And..." "I sold the rest for tons of money!" Dern smiled. "WHAT!?" "uhh.." POW!!! "Help!" BAM! "Come on Paras, lets go back to Fuchsia." Derrick let out Weepinbell. "Weepinbell, I'm sorry about the way I acted since Oddish came along." "Bell." "Hey, wait for me! Ow, stopit! Aiee! StoP!" Derrick finally is leaving the Canyon, with no fossils though. But, he learned a valuable lesson on pokemon training. Dern also learned something new too, don't upset Kathy. "Ow, quit it!" "GET BACK HERE YOU WUSS!!" "Hmmm... so he sold them for money, huh? It's time to get rich!" Someone was watching from the cliffs, someone who wanted to get filthy rich. "Goo..." BANG! "Hey, guys, did you hear an explosion?" Dern ignored Derrick and kept running from the insane girl. To Be Continued [Comments?] Pokemon of Story: Sandslash ------------------------------------------------------------------- ~Dryad48 "If there's a key, then there must be a door, And I intend to find it...."