From: AzNPiKaPi <> Subject: [PW!] And she's off Date: Saturday, May 01, 1999 1:55 PM Wind woke up. It was a new day. The beginning of the rest of her life. It was only 7:00 AM. Most of the younger trainers were sleeping in. Some of the older ones had hangovers. Old Man Andrew's was still having quiet. Wind pulled on black cords and a KMFDM tank and her black fishing hat. A trainers belt sat on the table with a ribbon on it. It was brand new. Wind ran her fingers around the military style material and her small loops for her pokeballs. It had a few extra straps and pouches to attach. It must of cost a pretty penny for Andrew. Wind put on the green belt and looked in the mirror. It made her look like a true pokemon trainer. It even had the endorsement of the pokemon league for least able to be stolen. It was almost impossible for a thief to steal her pokemon now. She carried eleven pokemon, but didn't really care, it was possible to fit them all. Plus Sandshrew wasn't really her pokemon anyway. It was a warm morning, big change from yesterday's rains. The knife and gun in her belt made her look dangerous. After thanking Andrew and eating breakfast with a few other trainers, everyone migrated to the arena outside. "Welcome to this year's challenge. You will be fighting a variety of trainers including myself, Darlene, and perhaps even Wind here." Wind just smiled and waved. A few of the trainers looked over to the imposing figure. Little did they know that she was a rather insecure person that just acted all confident. "Well, then let the competition begin." Wind answered. Trainers pitted against each other most of the day. Most were whipped out by the time they reached someone in Old Man Andrew's motel. The battles were all two against two. "I challenge you!" A trainer probably much older then she declared. NS: Ack.. I hate writing battles, so these won't be really good. "All right two pokemon each." "Golem go!" Wind looked at her pokeballs, Sandshrew had no desire to fight the turtle like being, she had to risk using the Gyarados from pokemon island, even if she couldn't control it. "Gyarados go!" The dragon pokemon materialized before the crowd putting everyone in awe of the furious beast. "Gyarados dragon rage!" "Golem harden now!" The harden effect helped Golem, but not that much and Dragon Rage took it's toll. "Golem Rock throw!" After a long a tedious battle Wind came out as the victor and an arena with a few holes after the ... explosion. "And the winner is Wind Fireblade!" "Hey you must have at least five badges by now." "Nope just one." "I want to challenge you too young woman! Alakazam Go!" Wind's heart sank. "Butterfree go!" The battle was over in a second, her butterfree was too inexperienced. She shook hands with the old trainer emotionlessly and watched the final rounds. In the end only 2 trainers out of a few scores defeated anyone from old man andrews. The day went on until sunset. It was disco time!! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ She left the next morning. No tears nor good-byes. It was time for the Cerulean Gym. Wind noticed that the world around her seemed different. Her senses had been heighten. She noticed things now had ... an aura to them. The euporhia of energy transmitted by everything. Somehow she could sense it now. This hadn't happened since her little mishap with Angel Dust. But this time things had become brightened, somehow things didn't change, but they did. There was a different quality in the pokeballs containing her pokemon and the ones without, almost like a flame of life. The ... energies seemed to guide her footsteps. "Matrix, what is happening to me." "Some psychic trainers experience the switching of auras when their powers are maturing. At first this is confusing and scary to some. Soon they adjust and see the world as truly is and isn't." Hmmm that's funny, that isn't Matrix's normal voice. Wind shrugged and walked in the Diglet Tunnel. "Dig-let Dig-let Dig, Trio Trio Trio." Wind and Sandshrew walked nonchalantly to Vermilion. Sandshrew got in a fight with one but Wind didn't catch it, it seemed too happy with the other Diglets. After that she found herself running from Dugtrios angry at Sandshrew. ++++++++++++++++++ Two days later Wind found herself in Cerulean City. After the bad encounters with the Diglets she was happy to know that she would hopefully be getting another badge soon. And she was off to the Cerulean City Gym. When I first saw you I already knew There was something inside you Something I thought I would never find I look at you looking at me Now I know why they say the best things are free Gonna love you boy you are so fine Angel of Mine