From: Nendil <> Subject: [PW!] Arrival Date: Sunday, May 23, 1999 10:33 PM <I hate mornings.> Mithril-rama blinked sleepily as she waited in the Pidgeot Express waiting room, now a familiar sight to her. The schedule may have been for the flight to Viridian to depart at 7:45 am, but like all flights are known to be, it's late. Sure, it's only been 6 minutes, but Rilli was getting impatient. She wanted to get out of this stiff chair and onto something more comfortable. Like a bed. Or Robert. Or a bed with Robert. Yes, that would be nice. She yawned. "Attention all passengers to Viridian City. Please report to gate 4 for flight 82F. Repeat, flight 82F is now boarding." Rilli narrowed weary eyes and slid back into her state of semi-consciousness, tuning out the announcement like so many other previous ones. Then she thought about it. "Ohmigod!" She bolted up and to the gate. There wasn't a very long line, but it still seemed to take forever. She simply zoned out again, shuffling forward mindlessly. Eventually, she found herself on a Pidgeot, finally. But it was another seemingly unbearable long wait before the actual take off. The excitement soon wore off, and she leaned her head against the dense feathers of the bird, and closed her eyes... "Pijooo!" Rilli sat upright as she was abruptly jerked out of her dream state. Through the gaps in the clouds, she could make out rapidly approaching details of a city. The Pidgeot's descent was swift and smooth with experience. "That fast?" Mithril-rama stifled another yawn and climbed off the large bird. After squeezing with and through a small crowd of people departing the building, she took her first (well, first deliberate) breath of Viridian City air that day. (Gasp, cough) After turning around several times in an attempt to get oriented, she pulled out the Poképedia and walked briskly towards the Pokémon Center. Nendil -- The Aquafraternal Fanart Corner