From: Mobius101 <mobius101@aol.compactpika> Subject: [PW!] Attack of the Killer Poliwag Date: Sunday, May 09, 1999 3:55 AM Two days she'd been on the ferry. Two whole days! She'd threatened the ferrydriver repeatedly with extreme bodily harm, but the blasted boat still seemed to be going nowhere. Maria and Dreadite had escaped the island on the small ferry to avoid the police and Dreadite hunters which had gone rabid on Cinnabar looking for him and any Rockets. Apparently there'd been some business about a seriously injured Nurse Joy..... But Maria could care less. In her pocket were papers that could lead her closer to learning Mew's weaknesses. And then....she chuckled darkly. But of course, she had to get off this boat first. Looking over the small deck, Maria saw nothing but clear blue skies and turquoise waters glittering out forever in all directions. She grumbled and stared out at the horizon, willing land to appear. Good Goddish, the trip between Cinnabar Island and the mainland should have only taken mere hours! Rapping her fingernails on the ship railing, she watched as Slasher swayed across the deck, whiskers drooped. The poor little Meowth looked as if he might collapse at any moment. He still hadn't completely recovered from his battle with Dreadite's Clefable, and the rolling swells of the sea hadn't helped any. "Don't worry Slasher, we have to hit land eventually..." "Hmmph." Maria turned to see Dreadite lying back in a beachchair. He hadn't said much since they'd left the island, preferring to ride it out. Now he looked up at her with those unusual eyes of his. "So sure?" Crossing her arms, Maria turned and leaned back against the side of the boat. "Well....why not? The ocean always has to end someplace." "Not in the Cinnabar Triangle." "Cinnabar Triangle? What's that?" "This," Dreadite spread his arms out for a moment, "Is the Cinnabar Triangle. Where the lost wind up." Maria blinked. "Huh?" Closing his eyes, Dreadite chuckled dryly. "You see, according to legend, there are places in the world where holes in time and space exist. In such places all laws of nature as you know them cease to apply. Sometimes they change shape and size, and even move around. But many are focused in particular places. If someone or something happens to move into one of these places, they drop out of time and space completely. And after that, there's no telling what happens." " what the heck is the Cinnabar Triangle again?" Dreadite frowned and sweatdropped. "The area between Pallet Town, the Seafoam Islands, and Cinnabar Island. One of those holes is said to exist, floating around this area, and many strange and mysterious things have been reported. In fact, the old Missingno myth originated in this area." "Hmm..." Maria nodded slowly. "So you're saying we're lost in the Twilight Zone then?" "Bingo." Dreadite smiled calmly. Maria raised an eyebrow. "Okay, even if this crazy theory were true, you sure don't seem worried about it." Dreadite put his arms behind his head and let his wings spread out a bit. For an evil elite Rocket, he sure looked harmless at the moment. Though Maria knew better than to underestimate. Dreadite closed his eyes. "Something's bound to happen. Always does." "Something?" Maria blinked. "Like what?" Suddenly, the entire boat jolted violently, throwing Maria roughly to the deck. Dreadite's beachchair just slid across the deck, though he stayed motionless in it as it went. Slasher sprawled out on deck, caterwailing terribly. "Can you Rockets not stomp your feet? I'm trying to get some shuteye in here!" The ferrydriver yelled from the frontcabin. "Grrr..." Maria pushed herself up from the deck. "I'm going him!" She immediately cringed at the bad pun. Being a Rocket had its price. Then she noticed the water flooding into the boat. "Huh? AAAHH!! We're taking on water! I can't swim! Not 'gain!" She started to go into full blown hysterics. "MEOWWWTTHHH!!!" Slasher suddenly screeched in her ear. "OW!" Then she saw what Slasher was looking at. On the side of the boat, the water was rushing into the sky like a giant Surf, threatening to overwhelm them at any moment. And then..... "POLIWAGGGG!!!!!!" Maria's eyes widened and her jaw dropped. It was a HUGE, GIGANTIC, Poliwag! It turned on them angrily, slapping its broad tail behind it, causing a small tidal wave. "POLIIIIWAGGGGG!!!" It had a big red bump on its head the general shape of the ferryboat. "Eep." In a panic, Maria reached in her coat and pulled out a random Pokeball. She realized her mistake as soon as she threw it. "No! Jade!" "Ekaaanss!!!" The green Ekans darted out across the deck, shaking her rattle. "EKk Ekk!" She looked up at the giant Poliwag, coiled, and sweatdropped. "ekkans?" "WAGG!" Shaping its mouth into a perfect 'o' shape, the Poliwag shot a river of bubbles at the little Ekans, sending it flying across the deck and over the other side. Maria screamed. "Jade!" She sprinted over to the other side and grabbed her tail just as she went over the side, following her over. Claws buried in the deck, Slasher screeched in terror. With a sigh, Dreadite shook his head. Then he opened his eyes and rose to his feet in one smooth motion. "Well, at least this isn't as weird as that swimming Onix I saw yesterday." "WAGGG!!!!" TBC? (Help!! ^_^;;; ) ~Maria R "Psy yie yie..." ------------------------- Tha webber: ----------- "Taking Pokemon straight from your pockets, With the power of the stars, it's Maria Rocket!" -My corny PW! motto ^.^; ------ TEOTWAWKI