From: Dryad48 <> Subject: [PW!] Bird of Thunder Date: Saturday, May 01, 1999 12:29 PM Derrick, Kathy, and Dern listened, watched, and waited for something suspicious to happen. They saw a light coming towards them fast and it looked like it was running from something. The figure was shaped like a monkey with antennae. "Oh," sighed Dern with relief, "I thought it was some huge, very rare pokemon." "Gaaoooooo!!" "Huh?" A huge flying bird tore through the ceiling and Drill Pecked Electabuzz away. "It's Zapdos!!" "I thought I got away from that terror!" Derrick remembered following Zapdos after the plane crash because it would be heading for dry land. "It must make it's home somewhere in this building." "Of course!" said Kathy. "This is probably one of the best sources of electricity and electric pokemon in the world! The explosions of Voltorbs must have wakened him up, and he doesn't look to pleased. The three trainers sent out their pokemon immediately. The Grimer Gang fleed and grabbed their leader Muk with them to hide behind a barrier of rubber crates. "We should run," said Derrick. "I witnessed Zapdos take out a plane full of pokemon." "No way!" the other two said. "Pass an opportunity to catch one of the world's rarest pokemon? I don't think so!" They tossed Derrick and his pokemon into the underground cellar, where electric pokemon can't go. And locked him in. "Hey what do you think you're doing! Let me out! Let me out!" Derrick banged on the door but it was no use. He heard tons of loud noises outside of the room. He couldn't make out however, who was winning. After a few hours, Derrick came up with an idea. "Magneton! Go! Break the lock, it's worth a try." "Magneton..." With one tiny Thunder Wave, the rusty lock came of and Derrick and Magneton busted through. "Gaaooooo. Gaaooooo!" Derrick looked around. Dern and Kathy were badly bruised and their pokemon couldn't beat the bird. Zapdos was laughing its beak off. "See," Derrick mumbled. "Fine, fine," they said. "Let's get outta here!" "Gaooo!" Zapdos still wanted to have more fun and flew closer to the trainers. Suddenly, Sludge began to drop in his eyes. Poison Gas surrounded him and he gasped for air. "Muuuuuuk!" Dern's Muk was actually commanding the Grimer to take action and beat the Zapdos. Again, Zapdos grew weak, couldn't take it, and tried to fly away. Jedd, the psycho trainer was watching. "Now's my chance," Kathy said. "Pokeball, GO!" She threw the ball, but it missed by an inch. "Shoot! So close!" "Hey, you caught something else!" Dern shouted. They heard faint shouts coming from inside. Kathy sent out her new pokemon. "Don't do that again!" It was Jedd! He turned to Dern. "Gimme back Electrode!" "Why, just so you can blow it up?" "Exaciticaliiiiii!!!?" "No chance." "Oh you will give it to me, and your Muk too. I'll make you." With that said, Jedd dissapeared in a flash. "heh heh heh heh, I'll make youuuuuu...." The trio decided it was time to leave. "Ahhhh," Derrick said as they went along Route 9. "Some fresh air finally." "Where's the next gym at?" asked Dern. "Cerulean City," replied Kathy. "Then to Cerulean City we go!" The three were heading to Cerulean City to earn a new badge, but little did they know that Jedd and the Grimer Gang were close behind.... To Be Continued ------------------------------------------------------------------- ~Dryad48 "If there's a key, then there must be a door..." "And I intend to find it."