From: The Carroll's <> Subject: [PW!] Booga vs. Brock! ...and someone in Mt. Moon? Date: Tuesday, May 04, 1999 12:14 PM Booga vs. Brock! Booga stepped up to the Pewter City GYM. "Wow! That's BIG!" he said. He walked in. "Brock! I whish to challenge you for the Boulder Badge!" he shouted. "A blue Clefairy? Oh, well. If you whish. It'll be two on two." He walked over to the arena shaking his head and mumbling something about caffeine. "Okay! To battle with, I choose Alhambra!" Booga threw his Pokéball and his Vaporeon popped out. "Vapor!!!" "And I'll choose ONIX!" A beam of light shot out and a rocky gray serpent shot out. It almost reached the ceiling. "ONIX!!!" It bellowed. Windowpanes rattled. "Alhambra! Surf!" A giant wave hit Onix and almost knocked him out. Almost. "Onix! Body slam!" The giant snake hurled itself at Vaporeon. Vaporeon tried to dodge but didn't quite make it. "Vaporeon!" It squealed underneath the weight of the Onix. Onix rose itself from the ground. Vaporeon rose very slowly. "Alhambra! Finish it with Ice Beam!" The Onix fell to the ground, smashing the cement underneath it. "Okay, Alhambra, come back and rest. Eevee! Go!" Eevee jumped out to the center. "Golem! Go!" This time, a rock/boulder popped out. "Huh? That's weird. Okay, Eevee! Ice Beam!" Eevee spat a beam of ice cubes out of his mouth. And…. Golem fainted in one hit! Brock was shocked. "Now that's WAY too much caffeine!" Brock handed Booga the Boulder Badge. "Yes! I got the boulder badge!" He shouted. He unconsciously teleported himself to Mount Moon. "Huh? What am I doing here?" Then he heard a voice in his head. <I have used up you last teleport, Booga. Mwahahahahaaa!> it was Sabrina's annoying brother. Booga walked down the path. Then he saw three figures coming towards him. One, was Natasha. "Ooh! It's a Clefairy! I'll catch it!" Her Charmander jumped forward and used a fire-spin on him. "Ouch!" Booga gasped, blackened like a bug on a bug-zapper. "Pokéball! Go!" The Pokéball closed around him! "Metronome!" Booga shouted. The Pokéball exploded. "Hey! I'm not out for grabs! I'm a human! Er, well, I USED to be a human. Do you know a detour through this place?" "You can follow us, if you want," Natasha offered. "Okay, come on, Eevee, Flamie, Volt, and Alhambra," "Too bad humans can't understand our speech." Eevee griped. Then they all continued on their way through Mt. Moon. TBC…? -- Booga