From: Hedgehogey <hedgehogey@aol.comyourself> Subject: Re: [PW]Booga vs. Brock! ...and someone in Mt. Moon? Date: Wednesday, May 05, 1999 5:17 PM Tenchi looked over at Sammy. "your brothers -bleep-ed up, you know that?">>>> "You're telling me! I thought he was slightly off balance when he started theorizing that pokemon came from space. He's one screwed up kid mmmmkay?" sammy spied something in the rubble. It looked like a book. Sammy picked it up and dusted off the cover. The cover read "pikachus kampf". Seymour had become a neopika! Now even sammy was convinced. Seymour was too dangerous to live. A madman in command of a horde of clefairy was not good. Sammy noticed that the huge moon stone was destroyed, only a single rock left. Although he regretted the loss to the eager travelers at mt moon at least seymour couldn't evolve anymore of his clefhorde. He pocketed the rock in the hopes of duplicating it next time he was at the cinnabar lab. "Where to now?" Devin "Hedge" Bartolomeo <TSI> "We've got the american jesus, bolstering national faith"- Bad religion "Man is quite insane. He would not know how to make a maggot yet invents gods by the dozens."-Montaigne C*pher sucks