From: SimynLocke <simynlocke@aol.comJOEMAMA> Subject: [PW!] Bring it on, babycakes! Bring it on! Date: Saturday, May 08, 1999 1:37 PM "Ah crap ah crap ahcrap achrapahcrapah crap!" Simon squinted in the darkness of the cockpit, wiping his brow and observing all the surveillance radars of the chopper. He checked to see if anybody was tailing him, but the no bleeps revealed any existance of a follow. Finally, after 35 minutes he reached Ivory Island. He glanced in the back, checking on Aqua who was still unconscious but was being cared for by Mercury and Spike. He landed on the helipad with little ease and actually dislodged one of the choppers struts. The groundsmen came up to salute Simon. "Never salute me when I'm out of uniform Lijah." "Yes sir." "Here, take my Vaporeon to intensive care, he's been badly injured. And see if you can fix his tail." "On my way sir!" The groundsmen took off to the teleporter pad with the unsconsious Aqua, and Simon headed towards one too. "Ah crap....." Team Rocket had Titan, and all he had to do was get Car'tos's leg back. But such a task wouldn't be so easy with what was happening. All this going on while Aqua was badly hurt, Simon was almost seized by confusion. He wrestled to get his thoughts back. "Ok.... Ok.... get his leg, go to Pallet. Leave Aqua here, take Mercury and Spike with me." He ran onto the teleporting bay, "Ivory Labs please." Simon zapped 6 miles away onto another part of the Island, when he emerged he was greeted by some guards with their Dewgongs and opened the lab doors for him. Simon ran into a room marked, "Testing." In the wall, mounted on some clips in a fine 3 inch thick glass casing, was the leg of an alien. Car'tos's leg. The two taloned toes glowed bright yellow in contrast to the blue skin. To the right, were all the equipment and information on the testing done to the leg, the very facility erected out of the ground, just for the leg. And now he had to take it back. "Liucy!" Simon yelled. He looked for the short Asian lady, responsible for the tests done on the leg. "Liucy!" "I'm over here!" Liucy was at her desk doodleing some information. "I need it back." "Need what?" "The leg." "Uh ho, you got to be kidding me." "Do I look like I'm kidding?" Liucy looked up at Simon's paperbag, with the smiley face drawn on it. "We're not even close to finishing, the research you requested on the leg needs some more time." "I don't care, Titan's in trouble and I need this leg." "Titan? But he's can take care of himself." "Miss Liucy, give me the leg." Simon said as sternly as possible. "Simon, I don't think you understand. Remember your theory? It was right." "I don't-" Simon paused registering the last bit of words out of Liucy's mouth. "I was right? You mean.... the dittos-" "It worked beautifully." Luicy smiled. "Really..... well then, why do you need the leg?" Simon asked. "You have to have the leg, for it to work." Simon thought for a moment, "Do you have to have...... the whole leg?" Luicy cocked her head to one side, looking weirdly at Simon. Finally she smiled. "Ok good. When I get back in the chopper, tell me everything." Ten minutes later, Simon Locke was flying back to the mainland, leaving Ivory Island. In the back seat of the chopper was an oversized menacing Sandslash, and a jumpy Jolteon. Next to them was Car'tos's leg, minus one toe. "Patch me to Luicy Lu please." It was a couple of seconds until the ATR scientist reported back. "Ok, as you suggested," Luicy said over the phone, "The compound in the leg was not of the earth's orgin. In fact, nobody's ever seen anything like it." "Yea, Car'tos is a sure Alien allright." "Anyway, when the leg was placed near a ditto, provided the right alterations and confinements, it gave indication of it's existance!" Luicy laughed hysterically. "This is the first time in history, anything or anybody was able to distinquish from a ditto, and it's self!" "So, the leg was able to do it???!!!" "Yep! But strangely, not all the time. Sometimes, the leg just layed limp in the presence of the ditto, with all the tweaks we gave it. But I believe we've narrowed all the possibilities down." "So, you're saying you can use the alien sample to manufacture a device that detects the presence of ditto's? A ditto detector?" "Yes! A DD!" Luicly laughed. "Great! Ok then, what do you need?" "Well, this may sound silly, but what we need is another sample, from another ditto. But not from any Ditto, a ditto with a good......" "A good what?" Simon asked. He finally reached over the mainland, and set a course for Pallet. "Luicy?" "A good soul." "A good soul? A ditto with a good soul??? How do you know the difference." "I haven't a clue." "Oh great.... So, all you need is a Ditto with a good soul, and you can complete the process of making a Ditto Detector? Capable of detecting dittos anywhere, anyform or size?" "That's what I just said." "Ok.... I think I have a good ditto in mind. I'll get back to you." "Bye." Simon reached Pallet and landed in the fields south of it. The city of the Pokemon League Master, Ash Ketchum was sill busy this late at night. He took a bus to the Ash Ketchum Memorial, but it seemed Raven and James hadn't reached it yet. "Damn....." He looked up at the building, and saw the 6th floor had it's lights on, the silohette of a winged beast passed across the window. "Car'tos....." As Simon waited for Raven and James, he thought about the DD. And the good Ditto.... "I wonder where Mimic is these days......" TBC (Adrian! I hope you're reading this!) ____ Simon Locke in the PW! ------> [^_^] Everybody go visit Roberto-Perez Vila's Pokewars Writer's Guide And Fan Art Website! Make sure you check out the Fan-Art! 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