From: Adrian Tymes <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Bring it on, babycakes! Bring it on! Date: Monday, May 10, 1999 7:46 PM Mobius101 wrote: > >"Now you feel true pain...." Said Car'tos in a low, humming voice. > >Car'tos flew around the room, bouncing off the walls till he neared the > >Fake Car'tos. > > > >Simon saw what was about to happen, and let out a sigh. [Porygon! Byte! ^_-] > Mimic nodded. "Out of fire, into pan frying." > > "Um, something like that," Seth replied, unable to keep himself from grinning. > Then he sensed something that did. He looked around wildly. "Aerie! Where's > Aerie?" > > Then he spotted the identical aliens and knew. "Aerie!?" He ran out towards > them. > > "Purrrrsian!" Slasher cried out in warning. Aerie had been watching Car'tos, setting up to return whatever he did in full, but this distracted her. "Seth?" She turned to look for a fraction of a second. It was long enough for Car'tos to strike. TBC? [I don't know what Car'tos has planned, so take it away. But, just remember, as my "uncle" Don Mafioso might say: "Youse break it, yuh've bought it." ^_^]