From: SimynLocke <simynlocke@aol.comJOEMAMA> Subject: Re: [PW!] Bring it on, babycakes! Bring it on! Date: Saturday, May 08, 1999 11:06 PM >Simon heard a cracking sound, but didn't know where it came from. >Car'tos walked down the hall with something in his right hand. >Simon didn't know if it was Titan or not. >Car'tos stoped right in front of Simon, and lifted his right arm up. >Simon and Nori both saw what he was holding: Titan by the head! >He tossed Titan's lifeless body to Simon. In less than an instant, what seemed like an eternity passed by. The lifeless body of a once great partner, and true to the heart man was flung across the room directly at Simon. The bloody consciousless face, gouged eyes looked straight into Simons, if Titan was still alive, he looked truly helpless than ever. The bodys weight colided into Simon, and knocked him steadily to the ground. In the duration of the trip Simon's eyes widened as the shock and horror of it finally hit. The splatters of blood, as Titans head knocked into Simon's in an irregular manner, clearly the result of a dismembered neck. With less than two feet to fall, Simon realized that Titans spine had been somehow lodged up through his back. The sight of the bone caused an abrupt discomfort in his stomach as the juices of stomach acids came flying out of his mouth. And now with a foot left to fall, Simon had no choice but to accept what was happening, his partner...... his friend's last seconds in this World, would be in Simon's arms. A loud thud interupted the silence in the building, Simon slid across the floor with the impact of Titan. Allowing or making himself believe that Titan may have still been alive, he ceased all movement in his body. But as the few miliseconds wained on and Simon's expectations failed, a shrill cry eruped from his throat. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Snapping emotions initiated the checmical stimulus in Simon's body, as his heart made a transition from pumping blood to pumping pure adrenaline. His legs sprang up with unknown power, as Simon flew off the ground knocking the limp body of Titan off him. "Fwahahahahahaha!" Car'tos expectantly laughed, "What are you gonna do, little man?" Simon didn't know, his pokemon weren't with him, and he had no weapons. But he was sure as hell not gonna give up. He looked around, for anything, anything he could use as a weapon. The girl with the really cool hair sat in the corner with her Meowth, but nothing else was around. "Hey you bastard! That wasn't very nice!" A talking wartortle had somehow managed to climb through the window. "What the...." Simon thought. "Talking Pokemon?" He watched as yet another instant was slowed down to what Simon thought was a couple of minutes. A hard beam of water erupted out of the wartortles mouth, almost as if it were rocks it flew with the velocity of a bowling ball right into the R of Car'tos chest. The alien flew backwards into the drunk girl with the cool hair and her pokemon. "Yes! Two birds, er humans with one stone!" "Uhh.... thanx little guy." Simon said. "Who asked you!" Without thinking Simon ran into the cloud of debri and found Car'tos's drenched body. Fueld by anger, he tried throwing his massive weight back out into the open, but only suceeded in dragging him. "I'm gonna finish what I started." Simon yelled, and was about to draw back a punch when he was tackled. A flying wartortle anchored to his back, and gave Simon a second meeting with the floor. "Sorry bub, but some of my fellow pokemon asked me to leave the big blue goon to them." Said the wartortle. "What the, no Car'tos is mine!" Simon yelled out under the weight of the pokemon. "Too late, here they come." On the other side of the room, the floor panels shot up in splinters, as two arms full of white talons came up from the impressively powerful Sandslash. "Slashhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Simultaneously in from the window, a shot of lighting clashed in the night sky accompanied by a thunderclap. The bolts flew in through the window and landed next to the sandslash in the form of a Jolteon. "Jolt Jolt!" Mercury barked. The two pokemon, with a rage as equal as Simon's targetted the fallen angel. They bellowed and barked in fury and began to do the vengence they sought for Aqua. Simon still held by the weight of a 75 pound wartortle yelled out, "Spike! Mercury! This isn't your fight!" "Slash!" Spike barked back in a rebellous tone. Mercury ignored it's order, but instead it grinned menacingly. The two pokemon approached Car'tos, who had just now got up to see the pokemon approaching him. Spike with his massive weight shook the floor as if foreshadowing his prey's impending doom. Mercury walked in the same manner with his own brand of intimidation. The air around the Jolteon sparked and sizzled, as little insects came near they were instantly zapped to their death. The show of intimidation was enough to spook Car'tos's pokemon, and even Car'tos a little..... A loud cracking suddenly echoed through the silent room, the two pokemon stopped. The drunk also distracted from the battle by the sounds peered at the ground in curiosity. Simon and the wartortle also looked at the floor panels, as the splinters from where Spike had originate began to grow. The eerie noise continued and grew, shifting Car'tos's attention to the floor. Finally, what they expected did happen. The floor gave in under them, as the weak boards collapsed onto the next floor, and that floor collapsed onto the other floor and so on. The whole time Simon yelling out curse words, and wondering why the hell didn't Spike just take the stairs instead of making holes through all the floors. 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