From: Magic T. Dragon <> Subject: Re: [PW!] But Officer, I Only Lost It! Date: Monday, May 31, 1999 7:53 AM Otaku67 wrote: <snip> > Scyther growled and lept at Tenchi. > > TBC > Ack! Help me! > > -otaku67 "SCYTHER! Stop!" /~He try hurt Scyther! Scyther no want him hurt you!!~/ Natasha instantly grabbed a Pokéball out of her backpack and hurled it onto the ground. "Oh, crud..." "Karp karp Magikarp karp karp Magikarp karp karp Magikarp..." She quickly tried to command a tackle mentally... /~Karp karp Magikarp karp karp Magikarp.~\ Growling, Natasha grabbed Magikarp by the tail and smacked Scyther with it. Natasha realized her mistake as she looked at Magikarp. Red scales. Natasha's hand was nicked again as Scyther spun around and attacked Magikarp in a blur. She took a *large* step back and picked up Magikarp's Pokéball. She tried returning him, but the two were moving to quickly. Scyther slammed Magikarp into a wall. Then again. Natasha screamed for Scyther to stop, or Magikarp to tackle, or anything. What she was answered with was rather...unexpected. Magikarp glowed. First, it was barel noticible, but then it progressed to the point that Scyther had to move back and cover his eyes. A blinding flash of light filled the room. Natasha cringed and looked forward. "GYAAAAAARRRR!" A flick of Gyarados' tail easily threw Tenchi and Natasha into a wall. Natasha started to reach for the golden Pokéball, but the huge sea serpent threw down another hall with another twitch of his tail. /~Master?! Scyther scared!~\ Scyther was curled up in a corner, one bladed arm covering his face. Desperately, Natasha tried to contact Gyarados' mind. She was answered with overwhelming anger. Scyther whimpered as the massive creature moved forward. "GYARRRRRADOS!!!" --Natasha V.