From: Ig88sw82 <> Subject: [PW!] Cascade Badge: Round Two Date: Thursday, May 20, 1999 12:56 AM "Do you think it's okay to battle Misty now?" Ebony asked. She and Mark were lying under a tree resting. Since their battle, nothing had really happened. "We've waited for a while now." Mark sat up. "There's got to be a spot open by now!" "Well, let's go give it another try." --- "Misty, I challenge you again!" The gym leader sat up and turned toward him. "You again, huh?" Mark grimaced. "That's right. And this time, prepare for defeat!" "I suppose you've raised your Pokémon a bit?" "Well, not exactly..." Misty laughed. "Here's a good tip, kid: if you lose a battle, you don't go back into it under the same conditions. Otherwise, it has the same outcome." "That victory of yours was a fluke, and it won't happen again!" "We'll see." --- "How about three Pokémon today?" Misty and Mark stood in their respective locations on opposite sides of the water arena. "Suit yourself. Go, Kakuna!" "Go, Goldeen!" The trainer and gym leader threw their Pokéballs, one landing in the water, the other on a platform, and let out their contents. "Goldeen, Peck it!" "Kakuna, Harden!" Kakuna glowed briefly, raising its defense. Misty's Pokémon charged through the water, its horn impacting with the hardened insect, both creatures reeling from the blow. "Again, Kakuna!" Misty smirked. "You'll never win this battle. Goldeen, Water Gun!" Goldeen dove back into the water. Its head emerged, then spat a steady stream of water at the Kakuna as it Hardened once again. The attack splashed harmlessly against Kakuna's shell. "Goldeen, Peck it again!" Mark gestured casually at Kakuna. "Just like before." For several minutes, Goldeen attacked ruthlessly, while Kakuna sat in its original position, absorbing the attacks as if they were nonexistant. Finally, Goldeen collapsed, unable to make another pass. The gym leader's eyes bulged. "How... Goldeen, return!" "Good job, Kakuna," Mark beamed. "This battle isn't over yet, kid! Go, Staryu!" The Starshape Pokémon spun through the air, knocking Kakuna into Mark's arms. "Hya!" "Return, Kakuna! Go, Spearow!" Without looking, Mark reached in his backpack and threw the Pokéball. As it sailed across the room, he noticed a gold tint to it. "NOOOO!" "Magikarp karp karp magikarpkarp magikarp magikarp karp karpmagikarp..." Ebony looked up at the arena. "Where'd you get a Magikarp?" Mark's head dropped. "Don't ask, it's just too painful." Misty was smiling. "And if you send it back now, you'll be left with one Pokémon." "Fine. Magikarp, Splash attack!" "Magikarp karp karp magikarpkarp karpmagikarp karp karp..." "Aargh! Don't you have any other attacks?" Mark was going crazy with rage. Dexter then chimed in. "Magikarp's only initial attack is Splash. However, at level 15, it learns the Tackle attack." "Okay, Magikarp, Tackle it!" "Magikarp karp karpmagikarp magi karpkarpkarp..." Dexter paused for a moment. "This Magikarp has not yet reached level 15." "Now he tells me." Misty got up. "Enough of this. Staryu, show it how to Tackle!" "Hya!" The Staryu burst from the water and flew straight at Magikarp, still flopping around on the ground. Even if it was Magikarp, Mark couldn't stand to see it get hurt. "Come back, Magikarp! Oddish, I choose you!" Oddish, who had been resting next to Ebony, jumped up and ran to the platform. "Oddish oddish odd!" "Staryu, Water Gun!" "Okay, Oddish, Acid attack!" Before Staryu could jump in the water to charge itself, Oddish shot its blob of Acid, which landed right on its jewel, blinding it. "Now, Absorb it!" Staryu was a sitting duck, and Oddish's Absorbtion knocked it out with no trouble. "Your Oddish is strong," Misty agreed. "But Starmie can take care of it! Go!" Oddish and Starmie stood a few feet apart, glaring at each other, awaiting their commands. Mark started to sweat. He knew Oddish was strong, but could it finish this battle? It would have to, he was counting on it. There was no room for defeat. Misty gave the first command. "Starmie, Agility!" "Oddish, Absorb!" The evolved Staryu's crystal glowed, and it began zipping around the room. Oddish tried to Absorb it, but it was getting faster and faster, and all his attacks missed. "Starmie, Hydro Pump!" Starmie dived to the bottom of the pool. Suddenly, huge geysers shot from the water, dousing the grass Pokémon. When the water seceded, Oddish had a margin of its health remaining. But Mark had an idea. "Oddish, Sleep Powder!" His Pokémon nodded, and took in a deep breath. When it exhaled, it released small spores that wafted gently toward the Starmie. Though it tried to escape, it was quickly caught up in the cloud, and drooped down, snoring. Mark and Oddish both leapt off of the ground. "Yes! Victory!" Misty nodded with agreement. "Not bad at all. You more then deserve this badge." She reached into her pocket and pulled out the Cascade badge, then flipped it like a coin into Mark's palm. Mark pinned it to his jacket pocket, and breathed a sigh of relief. "Thanks."