From: Black Hole <> Subject: Re: [PW] ChronoShift Date: Friday, May 21, 1999 10:37 AM On 21 May 1999 10:11:04 GMT, (Bandraptor) wrote: >There was a flash of blue and white light, and an electric sensation coursed >through Nori's body, warming and freezing her all at once. She felt like she >was floating, but not for wont of gravity... she was being pulled in every >direction at once, thereby giving the illusion of floating. Thunder clapped >deep in the background, and several seconds later, a flash of lightning >illuminated the swirling nexus. Nori's eyes took on a dead, black glow, as an >orb of light emanated from her chest, slowly dissolving her body. The girl >barely had time to scream, before the light engulfed her completely... > >"Hey, Nori!" Car'tos grabbed her by the shoulders, and shook her violently. > >"Wha..?" she looked around, dazed, before coming partially to her senses, and >swatting Car'tos away. "I'm up, I'm up." > >"Silly humans," Car'tos laughed. "When I fell out of the portal, you were both >lying here, unconscious. Doesn't it bother you, that you're so weak?" BH had the sudden urge to hurt Car'tos, but resisted, "Dammit, metal and electricity doesn't go well together, and I sure as hell am not human... anymore that is." >Nori rolled her eyes. Black Hole was seated a few feet away, awake, but not >looking very happy about it. She had to concur... it felt like she'd been >trampled over by a herd of Tauros, then sat on by a Dragonite. She stroked her >chin, thoughtfully. >"I'm going back to sleep." > >"Nori! Nori!" Had Car'tos had a water pokemon, he would've splashed her, to >wake her up. Since he had none, he let one of Katt's Ember attacks substitute. > >"Gyah!!!" Nori leapt to her feet, and ran around like her hair was on fire, >because it was. >Katt just chuckled. > >"So, where are we?" Black Hole grumped, still holding his head. >"I don't know..." Car'tos responded, honestly. "Maybe the future, maybe the >past..." >"Maybe we're in some kinda alternate universe!" Nori threw in, miraculously >healed, after Katt's attack. > >Now it was Car'tos' turn to roll his eyes. "Well, there's only one way to find >out." >He pointed to the West, where there flashed the telltale lights of a human >settlement. > >"Think that's Pallet?" Black Hole asked. >"Maybe." Car'tos shrugged, as they walked towards the town, "There's no way of >knowing where the portal deposited us. But that sorta *looks* like Pallet... >uh-oh..." > >The entire group facefaulted-- between them and the city stood a simple picket >fence... and try as they might, they couldn't jump it... "Cursed picket fence... NOW I know why no one tryed to jump these things, it's impossible!" BH sighed and looked at Nori and Car'tos, "What are we gonna do now, you're the one who told us to come with you and screw with time." BH said, as he pointed at Car'tos. TBC... (I know I haven't got any idea about what to do, I get to write more though, because today was the last day of school for me ^_^)