From: Mgfrog18 <> Subject: [PW!][Canyon] Cmon Bynow. Date: Saturday, May 22, 1999 12:18 PM Reggie walked into the PokeCenter at Pallet Town and grumbled. Bynow walked in and was looking at a schedule. He was also holding a bottle. Bynow dropped the bottle. "Go Eevee" yelled Reggie. "Go Caterpie" commanded Bynow. The pokemon looked at each other. Then they looked at the bottle. They ran to the bottle. "EeeEeevvvvvvEeeeEeee" Eevee screamed starting to use his running ability. Eevee knocked over the potion. Caterpie stared at Eevee and was bout ot dodge the full bottle. The bottle spilled all over Caterpie. Caterpie fainted and was later revived by Nurse Joy. The trainers called back their pokemon and high fived. Then Bynow showed Reggie the airport schedule he picked up in the PokeCenter/PokeMart/Airport. "Reggie, I'm going to go to this event" Bynow pointed to the plane leaving for Grandpa Canyon. Reggie asked if he could come. Bynow nodded. Reggie was very enthusiastic and wanted to find a fossil. But Bynow was just nodding his head. ***LATER AT THE GRANDPA CANYON*** Bynow payed for the event. Reggie walked in and started looking around. He gave Eevee to Bynow for a second while he had to pee. Bynow replaced Eevee with a Magikarp and threw Eevee to a building with an "R" on it. He left the "Eevee" with a note and went in the building.. Couple minutes later, Reggie walked towards the entrance of Grandpa Canyon, looking for Bynow. He found a Pokeball with a note on it. On the outside of the note's envelope said. Reggie Open This. On the note there was a letter from Bynow: Dear "R"(Rocket R style)eggie, I got a new pokemon fo"R" you to keep. I left to go to the "R"ocket Science[in small letters with an asterik on the end]Building. Sincerely, Bynow Paylate"R" * No science, I work for Team ROCKET! Reggie groaned. "I can't believe it" he complained He sent out his pokemon. "GO Pokeball" Magikarp came out with a note attached to him. {P.S. To be nice this Magika"R"p SUCKS} "MagiKRAP Return" Reggie sighed. Then a man came over ot him. "Sir, I am an IQ tester for the pokemomn league. I need to see your battling skills." Regie almost died at that very moment. He stood up and sighed "Go..." TBC.. --Froggger Togepy!