From: Karana <> Subject: [PW] Continuing Angel's Cascade Badge Battle Date: Monday, May 03, 1999 1:07 PM "But you can't sweet talk a badge from me, even if that worked for Brock!" Misty said, winking at Angel, who blushed. "I didn't sweet talk him, I beat him fair and square, just like how I'll beat you!" Misty raised an eyebrow. "We'll see. Go Staryu!" Angel threw out a Pokeball of her own. "Go Whisper....nani?!" The Pokeball that she had thrown wasn't Whisper's! It was Thunder's....Angel finally saw who Thunder was. A Jolteon! "Wow! Just what I needed!" Angel thought happily to herself. Victory was in her grasp for sure. "Thunder, Thundershock!" Instead of obeying Angel, the haughty-looking Jolteon used Quick Attack. "Um...okay, that works too." Angel mumbled. Misty winced as the attack hit home. "Staryu, Water Gun!" Thunder growled dangerously as the water splashed over him. With an angry screech of, "Jolt!" he threw strong Thundershock at Staryu. The water Pokemon couldn't withstand the might of the electric attack and fainted. Misty rushed over. "Staryu!" She recalled her Pokemon. "Ooh, you'll pay for that! Attack, Starmie!" Starmie leapt into the pool as the Jolteon paced anxiously on the side. "Jolteon, we can finish this easily! Fill this whole Gym with electricity!" Angel commanded. Thunder gave her a look of contempt. "Come on!" Angel prodded. Grumbling under his breath, Thunder trembled with exertion. Huge yellow beams of electricity flew around, zapping Starmie....and Angel as well! "Hey Thunder! W-watch w-wher you're aiming!" She screamed as her hair stood on end and her whole body crackled with lightning. Starmie crawled out of the pool, badly hurt. "Starmie, Recover!" Misty ordered. Starmie glowed, and then stood a bit straighter as it regained some of it's lost health. "Thunder, another Thundershock!" Her Jolteon actually obeyed, finishing off Starmie. Msity sighed as she recalled Starmie. "Good try." She said, then smiled as she handed Angel a Cascade Badge. "And you, Angel, great work!" Angel smiled happily as she skipped out of the Gym. She'd won a Cascade Badge!