From: Vulpix5746 <vulpix5746@aol.commys4life> Subject: [PW!] Drew's New PAth... Date: Tuesday, May 11, 1999 4:17 PM Drew pulled himself up from the ground of Pokemon Island. He looked around. Deserted again. Drew sighed. Maybe he needed a bigger target to make his name. The low ATR stuff wasn't really what he was cut out for. Maybe the Boss's capture would bring his name up. He looked around. Only way out was the air, again. "Farfetch'd. Poor bird, fly me away again..." The duck sagged a bit under Drew's weight, but soon was able to take to the skies. Farfetch'd landed in Pewter City, informant home extraordinaire. Drew began to consider. He'd need hand to hand weapons, and maybe something long range. Of course, he'd also need a target. Drew walked into a small arms shop, and walked over to the cutlery section. He walked up to the cashier and flashed a large bill. "Set me up." The man opened up a long case. "Take these. A Scyther Glaive, for parrying, and a Wiggly launcher." Drew nodded. "Good." He slid the weapons into his coat. Now, to find someone to attack... A dark man bumped his shoulder as they passed on the street... -------------------------------------------------------- Sig v. 1.5 Deathclock says I die June 23, 2059. AGNP welcome person remove SPAMu2Q to reply ICQ: 32262691 Azure Heights Pokemon Lab!