From: Daitooryoo <DAITOORYOO@WORLDNET.ATT.NET> Subject: [PW!] Escape from Team Rocket-please read-even if it's just to criticize Date: Wednesday, May 19, 1999 7:12 PM Note from author, It has grammatical errors, no spelling errors, if WINDOWS had grammar check, it would be perfect, so don't blame em. Note Asuka is Aska, it's windows fault they are spelt different. -- Previously on Pokewars: Alex and Rayea joined Team Rocket as Tomoe and Hotaru; a old friend of Rayea named Patricia is their commander, they go to a beedrill hive, they go to an auction, Alex makes some new enemies, now both Alex and Rayea had enough of being with Team Rocket. -- "We've been with Team Rocket for a month or two now ,Rayea, when are we gonna bust out of here. I got Asuka, you got Vulpix, let's get the hell out of here" Rayea paced around their quarters, about to speak- Patricia busted in the room with no warning "Okay get up you two, you got another job" Rayea leaped back, falling on top of Alex "No, No, we are going to stay here, we'll make up for it, I promise" Patricia looked blank, unaware of Alex's desire to get out of Team Rocket, she got Rayea by the neck "Ahh I see, you want to be alone with him, I understand, I'm a girl not just a rocket, go ahead and do all you want, we'll find another subject to make up for your job quickly" "Thanks, we won't let you down next time" Patricia quietly left the room, Alex looked unaware, Rayea looked confident, it was like Rayea and Alex switched their personality "Rayea, what did you just say, I want to know" "Uhh, nothing, let's get back to business, how are we gonna get out" "I would like to just sneak out without making havoc, it'll be easy" "Okay, we do this, and just this, but I ain't getting out of here without a little something" "What's that" "All my pay, and yours" Rayea leaves to get her money and Alex's, Alex stays in Rayea's room for the while. "Here's you share" the girl said, handing Alex a wad of cash. He smiled and flipped through the crisp bills quickly, " Isn't this a little much" Rayea let a small mischievous smile creep over her lips. " A bit. But they owe us after putting us through all of this..." He nodded, then tucked the money away into his uniform, " I guess..." They went out to the hallway of Team Rocket's dormitories and looked around. There was nobody round to see them. Alex motioned Rayea close and whispered something into her ear before they left the confines of Rayea's quarters. Patricia sunk back into her chair with a weary sigh. She held a tired hand to her forehead and closed her eyes. --Begin flashback-- In her mind's eye, she could see a pair walking through the forest on their way to the next pokemon center. Their faithful pokemon at their sides, walking along with them. She watched the boy with curiosity. There was something about him that kept her attention. Maybe it was that silvery staff he always held in his hand.. or maybe it was that strong determination that was always present in his eyes.. None the less, she found herself following them everywhere they went. One sunny day, they stopped their trek at a beach and rested in the warm sunshine. Then decided to jump into the inviting water of the ocean. Patricia's mind sharpened, remembering every detail of that very day... Rayea ran in, splashing cool water in every direction. Alex quickly followed behind her and tackled her from behind. Both went crashing under the waves that lapped at the shore. Leaping up, Rayea squealed and wiggled away from her friend, " That wasn't fair" " What? Why" " Cause I wasn't ready" Alex just smiled and tackled her into the water again. This time she countered back and threw her first down, raking the water upwards into a monstrous splash. He dodged the attack and dove under the water to grab her legs. Rayea looked down confused, but before she could say anything was hoisted out of the water on his shoulders. She squealed again and tried to keep balance. " Don't drop me" He faked tilting to the left, then the right, " Uh-oh..Rayea ..I.-- I can't hold you up...Uh-oh.." He leaned to the side, dropping her off his shoulders and back into the cool blue. --End flashback-- Patricia threw her hands over her eyes and cried out, cursing to herself. " It's not fair, It's just not fair" She sobbed quietly for about 10 minutes, but finally calmed down. Her eyes glowing bright blue, she snatched up a frame that was on her desk. The teens in the picture smiled cheerfully, holding up peace signs to the camera. A mix of girls and boys all crowded in to try to get into the small space of the picture. A dark haired boy held his arm around Patricia in the photo, flashing a handsome smile in her direction. She growled angrily again and the picture was distinigrated in a burst of flames. Patricia walked out the hall and waited for both Alex and Rayea The figure materialized as it floated closer to the tile floor of the hallway. Her short hair swayed gently near her cheeks in the breeze that swept around the three. She glared at Alex and Rayea with intense malice, " You...." Swirling lights surrounded her closed hand as she brought it up in front of her. " You lied to me..." The lights were glowing brighter, blurring around her hand until it looked like there was nothing but a solid sphere around her fist. An evil smile tugged at her lips as she aimed her powers towards them. " Patricia..what are you--" " Silence, you little brat" Instantly, two ghostly hands reached out and grabbed Alex and the girl with him by the throat. They were hoisted high into the air a devilish laugh spilled from Patricia's lips. "You lied to me...both of you...." "Wha--what ... do you mean", Alex choked out. Patricia bit her lip and the hold around Rayea's neck tightened. "You were supposed to return home, weren't supposed to take that long..." Rayea's legs flailed in the air, she said " I'm sorry" " You're not sorry, You were supposed to hurry home..all you were supposed to do was go out and get pokemon to protect the mansion! But decided to take a vacation from us, We told you we needed you at home, but you didn't listen" " I know..." Rayea struggled with the grip around her neck. "I just wanted" "You didn't want to come home And what's wanted to stay with him...." " Yes, but--" The angry young woman turned now to Alex, her eyes burning with fury, " There was a battle at our home, And we couldn't seal the enemy off without Rayea there! She stole the freedom of our family" she paused, " and she stole my Alex." Alex looked shocked, " What ,Your Alex" She nodded, " Alex...Don't you remember me?" " Huh?" Alex was set down on the ground of the hallway as Patricia walked closer to him. " You mean you can't recognize me, Not even with your special skills, I thought you loved me..." An eerie chill slid down Alex's back. This girl did have a familiar presence. Stepping back carefully, Alex shook his head, " you're not..." She continued to near him, "After all that time we spent together, battling pokemon...with don't recognize me" Finally, Alex was backed up against the wall. His blue eyes flashed with amazement and almost fear, " But .I were dead..." "You gave your soul to revive Rayea...didn't you" " I gave her part...just enough so I could still watch over you. I would do anything you wanted me to, Alex. Anything to make you happy. I just wanted to see how happy I had made you... But instead I found something I didn't want to see..." --Begin flashback-- Suddenly, Alex was taken back. He was no longer against the wall of Team Rocket headquarters. Now, he was in the dark. Night had just fallen and the moon was casting it's light over 4 forms, just settling down to sleep in the cool grass. He smiled at her and got out his bag to lay it down, " Night Rayea.Night Vulpix." --End flashback-- The image stopped abruptly, jerking Alex back to the present time. Patricia still stood there, her eyes wavering, on the brink of crying. She said nothing, but again, another flashback flooded Alex's mind. It was a happier time, not too long ago. When he and Rayea were just starting out and Asuka still trusted him. --Begin flashback-- "OK, Aska..I won't say that kinda stuff..Anyways I would never want to hurt Rayea..She might leave us like Claire" "Claire, she was not that important and she was not that pretty anyways.." "Yeah your right Aska, we could have lived without Claire" --End flashback-- Patricia's eyes overflowed with tears, " If Rayea had went back to her home instead of continuing to travel with you, you wouldn't have said that , You said loved me and you cared about me.,You LIED" Due to the lack of oxygen, Rayea was no longer able to comprehend what was going on around her. All she understood was her friend was angry with her for not returning home and that she was blaming Alex for what had happened. Weakly, she opened her eyes and spoke softly, "'s not Alex's fault...don't blame him..." The girl snapped around and narrowed her eyes. "Damn She's still alive? Oh hell, she's almost dead anyway".. She thought, "I just have to keep this up a little while longer... She threw herself into a fit and began to yell, " WHY, If he hadn't come along and made you go all love-struck, you would've come home" A dark portal opened below them, swirling in a misty cloud and bringing in all around it. " It's my fault then...I was at fault for the destruction of your home." You are at fault for making me become what I am now...and for what I'm about to do., said the evil intentioned Patricia The hand released the girl into the nothingness around her. And as she fell into the hole, she heard another voice. Not of Patricia. Someone else was above her. But there was nothing else she could do..the evil laughter that floated above Rayea, soon fell with her into the dark, cold abyss. "RAYEA" , Alex shouted still in Patricia's hands "Can't do anything now, heh heh" "Yes I can" "Your abilities, ha, I know all of them:" "Not this one" Alex pulled out a megahorn from the back of his robe, he turned it on to it's maximum setting, Alex started screaming in it, he cried too! "Mwaah, Mwahh, I want my mommy, Mwaa, Mwaa" "Ahh, it hurts, stop it, stop it" Alex turned off the megaphone, he asked "No, why did you do that to Rayea" Patricia looked drowsy but answered the question anyways "So you could love me" Alex looked at her in a angered way "After hurting my friend, I don't think I can ever love you" Patricia glared with a mocking view "What about Rayea, I bet you can love her" Alex confidently looked at Patricia "Yeah, she's never done anything to me, now let me go" "Okay, there you are" Patricia threw Alex to the floor, she still continued to laugh. Alex got up, he shouted towards the end of the hall, where his quarters were "Asuka, come now, Fire blast now" Aska ran towards the battle scene and stood silently "I can't hurt Claire, she was my friend, Rayea is no one" Alex looked shocked, he continued to say "What, you are my pokemon, you do what I say" Aska stood in Alex's way, he grunted "No I don't, I don't help people that hurt a girl's feelings" Patricia continued to laugu, she proudly commanded "Ha Ha, Aska, Fire Blast, burn Alex to a crisp" Aska in fighting stance, flames started to jump out of his mouth For the first time in his journey, Alex was deadly afraid "No, God help me" The fire continued to gather in Aska's mouth, Aska looked mad, determined to kill Alex Alex about to be killed shaked, his life rolled by his eyes, his robe half-burned, he wished for a second chance, instantly water took the room by storm, Aska rested on the floor, Alex saved by his prayer "Vaporeon" Patricia looked rather embarrassed. she looked down at Alex and said "I forgot you had other pokemon" Alex laughed and looked at Aska "What's wrong Aska" Aska stood up confused, he looked around till he put his vision on one target, Patricia, he strongly commented to Patricia "I told you Claire, Rayea is better, now get, you lousy maggot" Patricia's eyes became blank, an eerie wind surrounded her, she shaked in a seizure-like manner, a transparent young girl jumped out of her, she looked half, from the ground came the missing half, the two parts of the spirit joined together, the spirit looked at Alex with evil intentions "Gastly, Gastly, Gastly, the soul of the dead haunt the living, the dead lovers of yea attacked thee, I am, I am Claire" Aska looked surprised, he said to Alex "A female Gastly, I wonder if Claire was a transvestite, anyway, what are we gonna do, what are we gonna do" Alex looked down at his talking Growlithe "Gastly is a pokemon, battle of course" "So it is pokemon you wish to battle with, Starmie go, Pikachu fight" "Aska, you ready, go" "I'll take on Pikachu, I'm weak to water pokemon" "Against a water pokemon, hmm, Scyther will do, GO VIERGE" The spirit of Claire swayed back and forth, it softly spoke Pikachu Thundershock, Starmie Confusion Aska looked straight ahead at the Pikachu, he proudly took the weak electric blast, he brought to mind his last command -Fire Blast now- "Then Fire blast it is" Fire blasted out of Aska's mouth, the Pikachu ran around in flames, Aska continued to spread flames around the small rat's body. Meanwhile Alex was commanding his English-less Scyther, Vierge "Okay, lets go, your a little hit from that confusion attack , but you can do, Sky attack now" "Scyy" The Starmie floated, looking at Alex and his Scyther. Scyther spread his wings, flying up with speed, he flew towards the purple star, cutting it's beautiful stone of it's body "Yes, a gem, I got a present for Rayea, Slash now" "Ther" The Scyther set his feet at the Starmie, he rushed at him with his blade slicing down the Starnie's soft unprotected body/ "I lost again" The spirit took up the souls of the dead pokemon, it went up to Alex, it calmly spoke "I know what is best for you, I'm not best for you, I'll go back inside Rayea completely, She'll live, I won't, good bye" Alex looked down, the spirit went through the floor, he knew where it was going, but ignored it and looked at Rayea's friend lying in pain "Are you okay" The faint girl looked up, she mumbled "me okay", but proceeded to say something else "The nightmare is over, Alex" Alex looked down at the nearly dead girl , he picked her up, he spoke to her "Yes, it is" Alex walked with the girl in his arms towards the bottom floor, he found his way towards the bathroom, knowing Rayea was there. As he neared the tall red door, he came to a stop. The symbol of a girl on the face of the door held his gaze almost like a magic spell. " Alex, what are you waiting for, Go in" Aska said. He waited a moment more, then pushed back the door leading inside. Then he stopped and went back again. "Hold on a minute. I'm not just gonna walk into the girl's bathroom. Guys gotta go undercover for this...or else he'll leave with slap welts and scratches...Hmmm..." Suddenly, it hit him. " Ah ha", he started taking off the girls clothes, for a minute he was gazing at the girl's thin delicate nude body. Aska growled at Alex " What are you doing, Alex, don't you care about Rayea" His eyes got wide as he looked down at her clothes, he timidly said "Back to business" Alex took all of his clothes and replaced it with the girl's clothes, he grabbed two pokeballs and stuck them under his dress, they looked perfect, except for his guyish face, Alex looked similar to a girl, a bigger girl Aska looked at Alex surprised, he yelled the following "WHAT THE HELL" "You've never seen a guy wear girl's clothing, well now you have" Aska looked scared and said to Alex "You even have breasts, I know it's just some Great Balls, but they look real" "I guess, let's move on" Alex and his Growlithe walked through the door, they saw an even scarier site, some of the top rockets in the bathroom. "Ow, Jesse, That hurt" " Well hold still....I can't put this eyeliner on you if you keep blinking" " Stop, Don't, I don't wanna wear it...." " James! Would you stop whining and just hold still a minute" A door opened at the far end of the corridor and two more people came out into the room. The one with long orange hair was tugging her counterpart by the ear, as he groaned and whined like a small child. " Ow" "Ow,Ow, Cassidy, Please, I don't wanna do this.." Cassidy growled and held a fist to his face, " It's because of whiners like you that Team Rocket never gets any useful pokemon Besides, you want to beat those 2 nincompoops with the Meowth, don't you" " Nincompoops" Jesse bellowed. " Huh" Butch and Cassidy turned to be face to face with Jesse and James. " Who are you calling a nincompoop" " YOU Whatcha' gonna do about it, ya old bag" " OLD BAG" Alex snuck past the quarreling 4 and began to peek into the stalls . But suddenly, someone grabbed his shoulder and yanked him backwards. He was roughly spun around and shoved face to face with the rockets. " Doesn't she look like an old bag, girl" " Err...I--wouldn't know, she looks...okay" Jesse growled at him like a tigers and he immediately shook his head, " NO No..James looks okay, I am the gorgeous one, I'll let you go now" Alex turned back to search the stalls. He.ran back into the last stall and found his friend lying in unconscious in the toilet. He looked at her, worried, he almost began to cry. He kicked the door shut behind him and put Rayea on on the floor. With an arm under her back, he gently shook her, " Rayea, Wake up" Slowly, she shook her head and blinked her eyes. " Huh, What" " Good. You're okay...Thank God..." " What happened to me, Why am I all wet" " Umm...that portal you fell into" " Yeah" " Was a toilet. you were banished to the toilet of doom..." " Here, don't worry.You're aright now...", he made a face, "well...'cept for that smell...umm...there's a bath 'n shower through those doors...I suggest you wash up,We can't expect to escape Team Rocket HQ with you smelling like that, They'd realize we're coming before we even reached 1 mile of the exit. Rayea's cheeks flushed pink and ran to the room to clear herself of the smell. " Eww...I smell like a wet diaper,Gross" Rayea entered the washroom and cleansed herself of the stink. When she returned, Alex had already devised a plan. He instructed her to sit down and listen as he would explain his plan. All they had to do next was carry it out...easier said than done. Alex and Rayea tugged along their unconscious friend and walked down one of the main aisles of the Team Rocket establishment, they saw an exit sign at the distance. Alex paused and waited, he continued to say "This is not going to be easy, I can feel it" Rayea held Alex's hand, she looked up at him scared because of Alex's words. Alex looked straight ahead and waited for someone, something. TBC --- Note- If any Rockets in the Coke bottle want to stop Alex, Rayea, and dead girl from escaping, please follow up with a post under this one, maybe a thread will start or something.