From: Dryad48 <> Subject: [PW!] Essence of Gloom Date: Monday, May 31, 1999 6:31 PM "Pant, pant, pant.., we're finally at Fuchsia!" Dern said. They had been heading back to the city in order to heal their exausted pokemon and get on with their journey. Along the way, Dern had been chased by the frustrated Kathy when she found out he sold all the fossils. "Exactly how much money did you get?" Kathy asked as they walked steadily to the center. "$10,000." "THEN I GET FIFTY PERCENT." "Wha..." "I'm being generous, you would want me to take 99.9% now would you?" Dern shook his head in fear. Then he turned to Derrick. "And I supposes you want some too, huh?" "Nahh. I'm not really into money unless I earn it from battles, or my side job." They walked into the center. "What's your side job?" "'s nothing really. You'd laugh." "No we won't. We promise." Dern and Kathy crossed their fingers. "I.. uhh.... make potions for curing pokemon..." "And...what's so stupid about that?" "Well, I'm not to good at it. This is my newest one...." Derrick took out a plastic container. "If it works, it should cure the common cold in electric rodents." "Hey, I've got a Raichu with a cold, so why don't we test it out?" Kathy asked. "Uhh, I don't think that's such a good idea.." Kathy took the potion and Raichu drank up. His face started turning aqua blue, then green, then purple.. "Rai..CHU!!" "BLESS YOU.." Kathy was now covered in Raichu snot... "It only made it worse!" Kathy screeched. "You better get it right next time, or I'll be having a hard time getting my boot out of your #$$!" "Maybe, I shouldn't have added the Muk...gas..." They gave their pokemon to nurse joy to heal up, then walked over to read the news letter. "Hey, it says the pokemon trial will begin next week.. wanna attend it?" "Looks like we have to," Dern replied. "Huh?" He pointed out another article. "It shows a list of the witnesses that must be put on the stand." "WHAT?!" Derrick read the list. "All three of our names are on there, the police.., a photographer." They read more names until Derrick came upon the last on the list. "Looks like Raven's gotta go to." "Excuse me," Nurse Joy interrupted. "Who here has an Oddish that is being healed?" "I do," Derrick replied. "Come with me. There is something terribly awkward about it." Derrick followed Joy into the room and the other two turned back to the newspaper. "We left just in time, there were fossil theives in the area," Dern pointed out. The looked at the four suspect drawings. "That one boy looks familiar.." "And this girl with blue hair, I remember seeing her. I just don't know where...." She looked at the boy's picture. "He's the only one that's not a rocket." "BUT, he's the most treaturous!" Some one interrupted. They turned to find it was the same boy in the picture. "Who are you?" "Wha?" he frowned. "You mean you don't remember Jedd, the master of explosive pokemon?" "Ahh," Kathy remembered. "The lunatic with the Electrode.." "But now it's in Dern's hands and I don't like that! Give it back!" "No." "You must. I'VE WIRED THIS BUILDING WITH READY TO SELF DESTRUCT VOLTORB!" he anounced to the crowd. "IF ANY ONE TRIES TO ESCAPE WITHOUT THE ELECTRODE IN MY HANDS, THEN IT'S BYE BYE PIDGEY TO YA'LL!" "AAAAAHHHHHHH!" Everyone ran out the building screaming anyway. "Dang! Well, you two are still here!" Jedd took out the remote control and was prepared to pull the trigger. "Oh, and gimme all the fossil money too." ----------Meanwhile, in another part of the center---------- "Oddish.." Oddish was looking very awful because of the massive amounts of energy that he absorbed from the Sandslash. "How bad is it?" "Well, I've never seen it like this." They heard the racket of screams and pleas for help. "Stay right here, I have to check this out." Nurse Joy dashed out of the room. Derrick took out his pokemon and they took turns praying to Goddish. Of course, Magneton is an atheist. Even Weepinbell was morseful a little. "Oddish." "..........." No reply. "Oddish?" "............" Again, nothing. "Is everything alright?" Joy got back. "No." Suddenly, Oddish started glowing. "What's happening?" Nurse Joy slapped herself in the face. "I forgot. An Oddish will eventually evolve if it absorbs much energy." "It's evolving? Not dying?" "Gloom! Gloom!" "Weepinbell!" It jumped onto the table to see that the once cute grass pokemon was now just as ugly as he. It rejoiced and approached Gloom. "GLOOM!" In fear, Gloom let out it's stench and caused everyone to rush out the room holding their noses. then, they all fainted in a big pile. The smell spread around the center. ----------Back at the center entrance---------- "GIMME ELECTRODE!" "YOU DON'T HAVE THE GUTS TO PUSH THAT BUTTON!" "Watch me." He raised his finger to push the trigger which would cause the Voltorb to blow the center. Suddenly, he sniffed the air and fainted. "Huh?" The Voltorb smelled it too and rushed out of the center, running into Jedd's bike, then blowing it up. "Good thing we have a stuffed nose," Dern grinned. The police came by and arrested Jedd. <<<<<Hours Later>>>>> "Ahhh, the air smells nice here. Now, let's head out to Celadon where the People's Pokemon Court is located." Dern and Kathy had finally cleared their noses. "Hmm. With Gloom, I may be able to make a less costly cure for poison." He looked down to it. "What! You mean you have that..thing still out!" Kathy shouted. "GLOOM!" Once again, Gloom shot out his essence. Once again, Derrick, Kathy, and Dern were running for their lives, but from their sanity, into the sunset. "Gloom! Gloom!" To Be Continued [Any Comments/ Suggestions?] Pokemon of the Story: Oddish ------------------------------------------------------------------- ~Dryad48 "If there's a key, then there must be a door, And I intend to find it...."