From: Cat-Gonk <> Subject: Re: [PW] Fusia city fun Date: Tuesday, May 25, 1999 11:58 PM Well then... (M.W.F.) wrote: >> A diminutive Clefairy was takign the path towards them, its katana >> glinting in the midday sun. >> >> "Chu?" > >"A Raichu with a Halberd. Now there's a sight one doesn't see often. Of >course neither is a talking Clefairy." > >The team just stared in partial disbelief. White Blade felt a bit frisky >and decided to liven things up a bit. He drew his blade. "My name is >White Blade, and I request the honor of challenging you, Raichu." > >The sword was held in a traditional practice stance. Clearly this >Clefairy had no intention of harming, but he needed skill training. That >was his intent and he hoped the Raichu would take him up on it. He >started talking.. <Fairy.. Clefairy!> "Ready... En guard!" He moved >to strike... "Chu?" Felix and Kirsty drew back. The same energies they felt at Hellion Hive were evident here, Samuraichu's Swords Dance affecting the entire group. Something seemed to click, this wasn't a battle to the death and more of a matter of honour. Bewildered, Felix drew back, Kirsty following him. "Chu, rairai?" "Koga? Of course..." Samuraichu flourished his halberd in a broad arc, and countered the Clefairy's downwards strike. The force of the impact threw White Blade back, landing on his feet and preparing to attack again. "Fairy fairy!" The RK of old did know some Pokemon expletives. Cygnet, inside his Pokeball, winced at the verbal assault. "RAI!" Enraged, Samuraichu rushed forwads. One paw gripped the centre of the halberd, the other was raised forwards ready to vault into the air. The fight raged on. White Blade used graceful, flowing sweeps of his blade while Samuraichu, psyched up with the immense energies of Swords Dance slashed at White Blade in deadly arcs. Their weapons shimmered in the sunlight, forming light trails behind them. "CHAAAA!" Both had trained under Koga and knew every trick, every feint. When White Blade appeared the have the upper hand his winning strike would be swept away by Samuraichu's tail. When it seemed like Samuriachu's frenzied attacks had worn White Blade down, the diminuitive Clefairy would roll under the Raichu's blade and begin his attack again. "You're pretty good," White Blade took the time to compose himself. Samuraichu was just as tired, and drew back for breath. "Raichu. Chu churai." Felix tossed them both a can of Clefairy-Cola. The large Raichu cracked the can open with his paw, and drank thirstily. "Chu raichu rai?" TBC... Cat-Gonk. ---------------------------- Do you believe in Goddish? Azure Heights Pokemon Staff. ( The Chosen of Goddish.