From: Magic T. Dragon <> Subject: Re: [PW] Fusia city fun Date: Friday, May 21, 1999 8:54 PM Otaku67 wrote: <snip> > Tenchi and Natasha put there hands on the wall, and start making there way > around. They make thier way to him easily, and Natasha steps up to battle him > first. > > TBC > > -otaku67 [OOC: LOL, it's "Koga". :-D] Natasha smiles...she's getting used to this. "Sir, I'd like to challenge this gym for a Soul Badge." Koga nods. "I'll be using four Pokémon, but you may use as many as you wish. Koffing, go!" A flash of light just barely preceded the odd beachball-like bag of toxins. Natasha hesitated, directing her Pokédex at it. "Koffing is Poison type. Since this Pokémon will be the weakest opponent, I suggest...Weedle. His Poison type makes him resistant to many of Koffing's attacks." That made sense. Another flash of light announced Weedle's entry. "Koffing, use Smokescreen!" A sickeningly heavy green fog filled the area. Natasha could barely see the Pokémon involved. "Weedle, String Shot the entire area! Cover that wall!" Weedle complied. The smoke cleared, revealing a very sticky Koffing rolling on the floor. At Natasha's command, Weedle used his stinger to punt Koffing into a wall. Weedle continued a game of toss with Koffing until it was knocked out. Koga returned it for Muk. The slimy puddle oozed along the arena. Natasha paused. She was sure it was too toxic to touch, so... "Weedle, return! Go, Cubone! Bone club it, NOW!" "Minimize, Muk!" Muk rapidly shrunk as Cubone waddled towards it. Koga had enough time... "Again!" Muk was now about the size of a dime. Cubone whacked the tiny, sticky puddle. Muk left a small smear on Cubone's club. Koga returned Muk for...another Koffing?! This one was identical to the first! Natasha sighed, returning Cubone to let Weedle have another shot. Koffing started out with Smog. Weedle gagged, firing String Shot at random. Koffing was slightly sticky when Weedle passed out from the poison. Natasha cringed and returned him. Koffing floated patiently as she touched each of her Pokéballs to go over the contents. She was saving Cubone for the fourth opponent. Magikarp wouldn't have half a chance. Clefairy didn't have any attacks she could use from some distance...Charmander. That was perfect! She sent him out...and watched in horror as a well-placed Sludge blinded him. "NO!! Charmander, return! Go, Clefairy!" Clefairy bounced loftily forward. "Clefairy, sing, NOW!" Koffing was just starting a Smokescreen, but fell asleep before the air was thick enough to effect either side. He drifted just into range for Clefairy to pound the sticky thing into the ground. Both were returned. Natasha gaped as Koga sent out a Weezing. The thing looked like a twisted experiment, not a Pokémon. She didn't think before grabbing a Pokéball. She noticed a slight gleam of gold before a flash of light made way for...Magikarp?! "Magikarp, tackle!" "Weezing, Self-De-- NO! Sludge!" It was too late. Weezing's toxin-laden brain had already processed the first order. Natasha coughed, waving her hand to clear away the smoke from the explosion. Both Weezing and Magikarp were out cold. Koga silently handed her a Soul Badge, attached to the TM for Toxic. Natasha thanked him for the good match as he left to heal his Pokémon. [OOC: Your turn, Tenchi!] --Natasha V.