From: Otaku67 <> Subject: Re: [PW] Fusia city fun Date: Friday, May 21, 1999 9:44 PM > >[OOC: LOL, it's "Koga". :-D] OOC: brain is fried from seeing phantom menace] After a few minutes, Koga stood and aknoledged [sp?] Tenchi. "You may try your luck boy." Kooga sent out his Koffing first. Tenchi sent out Moldiver. "Koffing, sludge it now!" "Moldiver, dodge and use fire punch!" Moldiver tried to dodge, but the sludge was everwhere, and he fell down, to weak to fight. "Moldiver, return. Go Nightbird! Use tail whip!" The small flareon whacked Koffing before Koga could utter a command. Koffing went flying, and bounced around the room a few times before Koga returned it with a groan. "Go, Muk! Minimize, now!" Flareon looked at the puddle on the floor and thought to herself "Mmmm, chocolate." "No, Nightbird, don't!" But it was too late. Nightbird fell over, poisoned. Tenchi recalled her and tossed the pokeball to Natasha. "Get her to the pokemon center now!" Natasha ran off to the pokemon center immediatly. Koga was ready to explode. "My, my Muk!" The puddle of goo was lying on the floor, spit out by Nightbird, but looked green. It had been injected with its own poison when it got licked. Koga recalled it and sent out his Weezing. Tenchi sent out Kappa. "Psy?" "Weezing, tackle now!" Kappa screamed when it saw the ball of gas haeding at him. He put out his tiny claws to try to stop the Weezing and managed to deflect it. But at Kogas command, it floated back up and used smog to knock Kappa out. Tenchi sent out Snakefish, who used thunder to finish off the Weezing. Koga sent out his sencond Koffing, but another jolt of thunder finished it off. Koga tossed Tenchi a soul badge. "Now, leave, before i change my mind." Tenchi figured he was still upset about his Muk. He shugged and walked down to the pokemon center. TBC -otaku67 Dejavu strikes when you least expect it. And it packs one helluva punch Denounce Goddish! Praise Charizatan! James: Its the Weepinbell i left here yesterday. And it grew into a big strong Victereebell! Its so friendly! -CHOMP-