From: M.W.F. <> Subject: Re: [PW] Fusia city fun Date: Tuesday, May 25, 1999 6:24 PM > "Hmm, what does he use again?" asked Kirsty. Felix had Galahad at the > ready, but the powerful Beedrill would only be an even match for > Venomoth's psionics. Weezing on the other hand, would be a cakewalk. > "Chu, rai?" (Hmm, Muk?) > "I don't think so," replied Felix. "My dad also warned me that there's > a real good Hypno trainer in the gym, who's even better than Koga > himself!" > "Rai?" Samuraichu remembered msot of his training and a lot of > caffiene, but no Pokemon. His halberd was a parting gift from Koga, as > was a coffee percolator. "Chu raichu." (I can't tell you) > "Fair enough." > > A diminutive Clefairy was takign the path towards them, its katana > glinting in the midday sun. > > "Chu?" "A Raichu with a Halberd. Now there's a sight one doesn't see often. Of course neither is a talking Clefairy." The team just stared in partial disbelief. White Blade felt a bit frisky and decided to liven things up a bit. He drew his blade. "My name is White Blade, and I request the honor of challenging you, Raichu." The sword was held in a traditional practice stance. Clearly this Clefairy had no intention of harming, but he needed skill training. That was his intent and he hoped the Raichu would take him up on it. He started talking.. <Fairy.. Clefairy!> "Ready... En guard!" He moved to strike... TBC?