From: J.Howard Kuehn <> Subject: Re: [PW][FAN-ART] "Fwahahahahahahahaha." Date: Friday, May 07, 1999 9:45 PM >Off in the background, Nori, Akuni, Rubix, and Meowth were running circles >around the bar, trying to escape the rabid Nidoking. >"Decepticons! Retreeeaaat!!!!" > >TBC... During the confusion in the bar, James had taken cover a few feet from the battle. Aqua's tail was bleeding tremendously, forming a trail of blood wherever it traveled. Titan was sitting on a barstool, still crying. "Is this what I came back for? A gay ATR and enemies who think they're transformers?" <<Well, you ARE stupid enough>> "I just met you a little while and I'm already hating you! And by the way, do something usefull for once!" Grabbing Psycho by his head, he flung the tiny Abra across the bar, landing him in the path of Nori. "Now's my chance!" Running past the steamy eyed Titan and the foaming at the mouth NidoKing, he headed for the exit of the bar, where Nori was also headed. "Going somewhere?" The girl stumbled over her own feet, almost crashing into James " *Hiccup* I wannanana leave now, buh bye..." "Not so fast, Dragonair, Spout, Epona get ready!" TBC! -James Team Rocket was definitly not this weird