From: PikaMew <> Subject: Re: [PW][FAN-ART] "Fwahahahahahahahaha." Date: Saturday, May 08, 1999 7:47 AM > "Rockets?" Nori blinked. "Car'tos, does that mean you're..." > Simon nodded, a nasty smirk on his face. "That's right. He works for Team > Rocket." > " Aerialbot?" > > Simon and his group all facefaulted. > Car'tos looked back down to Nori, then to Simon. Katt got back on Car'tos, and sat next to his head. Car'tos walked over to Titan, who was now on the ground. "Hm! With a fall like that, im not sp..." "Titan!!" Yelled Simon from some 50 feet away. He ran toward Car'tos, but before he got there, Car'tos scooped up Nori. "Simon! Read the note fool!" He stoped, and looked down. Car'tos saw that he wasn't looking at him, so he went over to Titan, and jacked him. He flew away past Simon as he was reading the note. ------------- Pallet Town------- Car'tos landed near a small house. He droped Titan down, and put Nori on a fence. He read a sign that said: Katch'em's TBC! Oh.. what a mess you made... ---------------------------------------- "From the Skys to the Ground, Car'tos takes your Pokémon, and makes them Ours" "Damn them all to hell," began Christof, regular of AGNP. "C*per and friends can harass their moms or some f***** up s*** like that. I don't know what the hell their problem is anyway. Can't get any IRL or something?" -Christof "I feel sorry for you Simon! Getting shot twice in a few months!" -James "I got Car'tos's Leg!" Simon chants. -----------== Posted via Deja News, The Discussion Network ==---------- Search, Read, Discuss, or Start Your Own