From: Nendil <> Subject: [PW!] Gravity Date: Sunday, May 30, 1999 10:19 PM Mithril-rama took a deep breath as she walked through Viridian Forest hand in hand with Robert. The air after rain is always exceptionally fresh, and the surrounding trees only helped to enhance the refreshingly clean atmosphere. But best of all, she was with Robert again, and that alone was enough to make her happy even if the air were thickened with smog. She was so absorbed in her daze, in fact, she never even had a clue about the projectile about to impact with her... ::bonk:: "Oww!" Rilli yelped and reflexively brought her hand to the top of her head. There was no blood, and her skull wasn't dented. But it sure did hurt. Quite a bit. "What was that?" She glanced around for the culprit. Robert picked up an apple from the ground. "I think this was it..." He examined it more closely. "Hmm, it's got teeth marks on it..." Rilli's gaze drifted up to the foliage that shielded the sky from view. There was a spot of bright yellow among the light and dark shades of green leaves. It looked down at her worriedly. "Pik? Chu chu..." "Is this yours?" Rilli smiled gently and held up the apple for the Pikachu to see. It stared at it for a few hesitant moments, then lightly clambered off the branch and down the tree trunk. Rilli offered it the fallen apple, and the rodent pokémon sniffed gingerly at it. The sweet scent of the fruit got the better of its caution, however, and the Pikachu quickly snatched the apple away. "Pika!" it chirped in appreciation. The Pikachu glanced about for a moment, then tugged on Rilli's pant leg, signaling her to stay there. It held onto the apple with its mouth and nimbly climbed back up the tree. Soon, it reappeared on a higher branch and reached up to pluck another apple from the tree. "Pika-chu," it called out, and let the fruit fall. Rilli caught the fruit with little difficulty. "Thank you!" she called back up into the tree. She examined the apple, contemplating the small breakfast, when it bulged slightly and a Weedle popped through the surface. "Uii--dorru," it muttered right before being flung away by Rilli with a shriek. She swore she could hear squeals of laughter coming from the tree as she ran to catch up with Robert. ----- "Diglett Cave--2 miles," Robert read from a sign by the side of the road. The marker pointed towards a narrow path that, apparently, hasn't been tread much recently. Dense bushes and undergrowth covered the road, so that it was hard to get through without getting badly scratched, if it were possible at all. "This is a little problem..." Robert mused. Nendil -- The Aquafraternal Fanart Corner