From: Regulus <> Subject: [PW!] Hell frozen over Date: Sunday, May 16, 1999 8:43 AM In a was hot. In a was DAMN hot. Spec had lost track of what had happened to Kat as they made their way to Fuschia City. Somewhere in that damn forest. They had gotten sperated in the forest while running away from a pack of angry Rhyhorn. He hadn't seen her since. He could only hope she was alright. None of his Pokemon were out. Spec had decided that, since he hadn't used them in awhile, he'd find a good home for them. So, all his pokemon, except for Scyther and Topsy, were given to a large family with plenty of kids, who couldn't afford the pokeballs and such needed to capture them on their own. He hoped they could make a difference to the family. They seemed nice enough. He groaned as he stubbed a toe on a Geodude who was just laying on the ground. "Dude?" The rock Pokemon spoke a few times, then bounced off deeper into the forest. Perhaps somewhere it wouldn't be bothered. Spectre looked around. A few crickets were chirping, and a few rustling noises in the bushes could be heard. He had, to his surprise, some money in his bank account. Must've been his father's doing. He didn't really care. He gave some of it to the family, to get them started...Kami only knows what Giovanni would do to him if he knew...along with a few more Pokeballs. He jumped upward, a good 9 or 10 feet upward, grabbing a tree limb and swinging around, landing on top of it and gazing down at the rustling. A pokemon lept out. It looked around a few times and growled. How it kept from setting the bushes on fire, he'd never know. It looked around, murmured something, and pointed both arms outward, in the opposite direction. "Mag...." It formed a small triangle with it's hands, both 'palms' faced away from it. "Mar...." A small ball of flame formed in front of it's hands. It grew. "Mag....mar....mag....mar....." The fireball grew bigger. "MAGMAR!" A flaming target appeared on a tree around 50ft away. Spec watched on as the Magmar shot out a large pillar of horizontal fire at the target. The tree exploded into flames. The Magmar hunkered down slightly and was breathing fairly heavily. Spec smirked and pulled out a pokeball. /Well....that had to take a lot outta him..../ Spec dropped the pokeball onto the unsuspecting Magmar's head. It quacked out quickly. Spec jumped to the ground. The Pokeball rocked back and forth, a lot of angry quacking coming from inside. It burst out. And damn, but it looked pissed off. It glared holes through Spec and narrowed it's eyes. "Scyther!" He flung Scyther's pokeball to the ground. Before he was even all the way out yet, he lunged at Magmar. "ScyyyyyTHER!" "Mag?!" Magmar rolled out of the way, quacking and flinging fireballs at Scyther as he did. "Scyther, Hyper Beam. QUICK!" Scyther nodded and lept up into the trees. He lept from branch to branch as he charged the move up. Magmar followed him well, never taking it's eyes off the glowing pokemon. "NOW!" Scyther disappeared. Magmar spun around a few times and quacked. "Magmarmag?!" A small beam of light formed behind Magmar. Spec smirked and lept out of the way. Just as Scyther let the Hyper Beam go. Magmar flew backwards as Scyther became visible again. Spec threw the pokeball at Magmar as he got trenched. He didn't escape. Spec called Scyther back and grinned. " find Kat-chan...." ...TBC. -- Reg