From: Sailor Pika <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Hell frozen over Date: Sunday, May 16, 1999 9:21 AM Regulus <> wrote in message <snip> In the meantime, Kat had been wandering around, trying to keep track of the 4 Pokemon with her, and also looking for Moonbeam, who'd wandered off. (OOC: Damn long sentence. ><) Fireball was walking ahead of them, burning bushes down to form a path, Splash was watering the burned bushes to avoid starting a forest fire. Chu-chu was running along in the trees above them, Flapper was searching from the air. Kat herself was calling the Clefairy's name. "Moonbeam? Mooonbeam!" "Pidgeo!" Flapper cried, and swooped down to a clearing ahead of them. Kat took off at a run, Splash, Chu-chu, and Fireball right behind her. Moonbeam was hopping around, trying to keep away from the Pinsir that was chasing her. Fireball spat a blast of flames at the bug Pokemon, charring it. Flapper then flew down from his perch in a tree and began pecking at it. It threw the bird to the ground and ran off. "Pidgeo.." Flapper whimpered. Kat called him back into his Pokeball and picked Moonbeam up. "C'mere, you.. Don't go running off again!" Kat tossed her into the air and called to her other Pokémon. "Well, you guys.. We can either try to find Spec, which doesn't seem too likely in this forest, or we can try to find our way to Fuschia city alone, which also doesn't seem too likely." She sat down on a rock. "Faiirrryy.." Moonbeam hopped into her lap. "Chu Pika Pi." Chu-chu curled up next to her. "Pix Vulpix Vul." Fireball hopped up onto her shoulder. "Eon.. Vapor Vaporeon." Splash laid down by her feet. TBC. -- Sailor Pika Pika must run, have battery will travel ----------------------- "Clefairy forever!" ----------------------- My day of death will be Monday, March 30, 2065 ------------------------ Visit the AGNP website at