From: Bean 118 <bean118@aol.comma> Subject: [PW][NC] Hey, we found the problem he- Heey, wait! Date: Saturday, May 08, 1999 10:54 AM Here we go! Trudge, trudge, trudge. Erin, Alyssa, Angel, and assorted company were trudging their way to Mew. "Cubone?" "What? Of course this isn't a bunch of trickery!" Olli and Mars got on *real* well. "Bone bone cuuu!" "Dumb animal. Oww! Stop whacking me with that bone club! No! Bad ... thing!" Erin glanced down at the two arguing Pokémon. "It's a *cubone*," she insisted. Alyssa whinnied. "Can't you two be nice to each other?" "'Fraid not," answered Mars. He glared at Olli, then gave him a good bopping on the head. Olli got mad, hauled off, and just as he was about to knock Mars into the next post, Erin grabbed his club and took it away from him. "You two ... honestly ..." she fussed. "Hey!" Angel called. "Look!" In front of them was a large cliff, poking toward them. As the group of weary travelers looked up, they discovered a very interesting fact: they were at the foot of a small mountain. "Great." Robert sighed. "How we get up that?" "Psychic powers, as usual." Zanthrax reminded. Erin gave her throat a good clearing. "OK, Psychic powers/Clefairy. So, is this a go?" "Wait!" Erin interrupted. "I have to ride Lucie again?" Lucie's pokéball wiggled and popped open at the mention of her name. "Clee!" "She's excited." Observed Angel. "I say we go for it." Angel, Zanthrax, Robert, Mace and Mars started to glow. Alyssa was pulled along by Robert. They floated up the mountain. "Wait - hold on, no, don't leave me with..." Erin desperately pleaded, but it was too late. Lucie gave Erin a grim looking smile, then started escorting her up the mountain like last time, with Olli clinging on her ankle. (However, this time Erin had sense enough to put Twist in her Pokéball) ----- Zantrhax, Angel, Robert, Mace, Alyssa and Mars arrived safely on top of the mountain. Erin arrived a few seconds later, safely, but visibly shaken. All of a sudden, Alyssa started to shake a little, then turn back into good ol' humanoid Alyssa. "That was nuts!" laughed 'Lyss. It was very convenient that Alyssa turned back human when she did. A good look around proved that they were in the right place -- psychics were everywhere. And in the middle was Mew - tied and bound? Everyone's favorite rockets stood by, too. That's right, there in the middle was (Dun dun dun!) Jessie and James, in the midst of other, less famous and nameless rockets. Bean "Geez, Bean, you really *have* been going through my stuff, huh? I mean, no one else seems to know about my nefarious plot of world domination through televangelism. ....oh, wait..." -Pandora Remove ma to reply