From: Dreadite <> Subject: [PW!] Holy Pokémon, Zubatman! Date: Tuesday, May 11, 1999 12:17 AM P:OTP..... Dreadite and Maria were stranded in the Cinnibar Triangle, otherwise known as the Void. But they got free.. and are headed for land. Plus.. people were in the bottle. <"What is straight, round, and holds the horse?" "I dunno Batman... a post?" Start of the post. ^_^> Maria hopped off the ferry, and onto the beach. The sand was extremely dry. Too dry, in fact. Maria lept off the Krabby, and onto dry land. The Krabby snapped it's claws angrily, and marched into the sea, obviously annoyed. Dreadite laughed, and stepped off the ferry. It was run aground almost fifteen feet. "This isn't exactly paradise," Maria said, as she looked at Cerulean City and smirked. "But at least we're out of that Triangle." Dreadite landed about ten feet in front of her, and started to walk across the beach. The jet black robe swished as he walked, leaving trails in the sand. They strolled toward the city, leaving the boat far in the distance. <Scene Switch> Dreadite looked at the Bottle with relief. "We're here.. finally." Dreadite reached up to touch the bottle. As he did so, a door opened in front of him. Corridors shifted inside as he walked in. Maria stepped in after him. As she did so, the door disapeared, leaving no traces of it having ever existed. Dreadite's eyes glowed as he touched the surface of the bottle. They walked down the corridors for less than a minute, until Dreadite opened a door. He walked into his office, and sat down. He set the folder he was carrying on the desk, and Maria did the same. "Now what?" Dreadite's voice resonated as he spoke, amplified by the bottle. "Now, we contact Giovanni, for a status report." He flicked a button on his desk, and Giovanni appeared on the monitor. Giovanni turned to face it, and looked dully at the screen. He nodded at Dreadite, and glanced at Maria. "Hello, Dreadite. I'm busy, so make it quick." "We have the files we needed, plus an.. added bonus or two." Dreadite glanced at the screen. "What is the next assignment on the agenda?" Giovanni nodded. "Good, good. I need you to deal with the League, and ATR. Both these groups have been hindering our progress, and I want them out of the way. Understand?" Dreadite nodded. "Perfectly. Dreadite out." The screen went black, and Dreadite got up. He looked around. "It's time to go." The bottle shifted as Dreadite said that. Corridors moved, and rooms reararanged to make way for an exit. The door opened next to Maria, who lept back. "That's freaky." Dreadite stepped towards the door. In the shadows, all that was visable of him was his red pupils, glowing from underneath the hood of the robe. "I understand... why." TBC? (Of course! *laughs evily*) Dreadite ----- "Míru kage mo náku yatsúrete iru. I am the Darkness, Dreadite." Visit the Kage Shogunate: